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Diabetes incidence and prevalence in Pima Indians: a 19-fold greater incidence than in Rochester, Minnesota.
The incidence and prevalence of diabetes mellitus were determined in 3733 Pima Indians aged 5 years or over by periodic examinations over a 10-year period. The examinations included modified glucoseExpand
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Diabetes mellitus in American (Pima) Indians.
Abstract The prevalence of diabetes mellitus among the Pima Indians, who live in a hot desert environment in Arizona, U.S.A., has been determined by means of systematic glucose-tolerance tests. UsingExpand
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Histologic Determination of the Ischemic Threshold of Muscle in the Canine Compartment Syndrome Model
Summary: Our objective was to define the critical tissue pressure at which irreversible muscle damage occurs and to compare our results to those thresholds advocated in the orthopaedic literature. AExpand
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Conversion of triglycylvasopressin to lysine-vasopressin in man.
The concentrations in plasma of triglycl-8-lysine-vasopressin (TGLVP), determined by radioimmunoassay, and lysine-vasopressin, determined by bioassay, have been monitored in five subjects afterExpand
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Carpal tunnel syndrome among ski manufacturing workers.
Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common disorder marked by pain and dysesthesias of the upper extremities. As a test of the hypothesis that carpal tunnel syndrome is associated with occupational riskExpand
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Hypotension‐induced vasopressin release distinguishes between pure autonomic failure and multiple system atrophy with autonomic failure
To investigate whether activation of afferent and central baroreceptor pathways could differentiate between pure autonomic failure (PAF) and multiple system atrophy with autonomic failure (MSA), weExpand
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Analysis of flonicamid and its metabolites in dried hops by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry.
  • M. Hengel, M. Miller
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of agricultural and food chemistry
  • 6 September 2007
An analytical method was developed for the determination of the neo-nicotinoid insecticide flonicamid ( N-cyanomethyl-4-trifluoromethylnicotinamide) and its metabolites N-(4-trifluoronicotinoyl)Expand
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Recognition of partial defects in antidiuretic hormone secretion.
Abstract A dehydration procedure has been used to identify patients with partial antidiuretic hormone (ADH) deficiency. The test consists of water deprivation until the osmolality of hourly voided ...
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Hyperinsulinemia and Hypoinsulinemia: Insulin Responses to Oral Carbohydrate Over a Wide Spectrum of Glucose Tolerance
Oral glucose tolerance tests using a 75 gm. carbohydrate load were performed on 396 Pirna Indians. Subjects were divided into groups on the basis of two-hour plasma glucose levels and the patterns ofExpand
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Prevalence and recognition of alcohol abuse in a primary care population.
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to assess the prevalence, physician recognition, and treatment of alcohol abuse among patients of 19 senior medical residents practicing in a hospital-based,Expand
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