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Does the missing mass problem signal the breakdown of Newtonian gravity
We consider a nonrelativistic potential theory for gravity which differs from the Newtonian theory. The theory is built on the basic assumptions of the modified dynamics, which were shown earlier toExpand
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Quasi-linear formulation of MOND
A new formulation of modified Newtonian dynamics (MOND) as a modified-potential theory of gravity is propounded. In effect, the theory dictates that the MOND potential φ produced by a massExpand
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The Mond Limit from Spacetime Scale Invariance
The modified Newtonian dynamics (MOND) limit is shown to follow from a requirement of spacetime scale invariance of the equations of motion for nonrelativistic, purely gravitational systems, i.e.,Expand
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MOND effects in the inner Solar system
I pinpoint a previously unrecognized MOND effect that may act in the inner Solar system, and is due to the galactic acceleration gg = ηa 0 : a byproduct of the MOND external-field effect. PredictionsExpand
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Bimetric MOND gravity
A new relativistic formulation of MOND is advanced, involving two metrics as independent degrees of freedom: the MOND metric g{sub {mu}}{sub {nu}}, to which alone matter couples, and an auxiliaryExpand
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Isothermal spheres in the modified dynamics
On considere des spheres isothermes soumises a leur propre gravitation (isotrope et anisotrope) en utilisant une dynamique qui differe de la newtonienne dans la limite des petites accelerations. OnExpand
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Abstract To explain the appearance in MOND of a cosmological acceleration constant, a0, I suggest that MOND inertia - as embodied in the actions of free particles and fields - is due to effects ofExpand
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The central surface density of ‘dark haloes’ predicted by MOND
Prompted by the recent claim, by Donato et al., of a quasi-universal central surface density of galaxy dark matter haloes, I look at what MOND has to say on the subject. MOND, indeed, predicts aExpand
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The MOND paradigm
I review briefly different aspects of the MOND paradigm, with emphasis on phenomenology, epitomized here by many MOND laws of galactic motion--analogous to Kepler's laws of planetary motion. I thenExpand
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