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Do security analysts improve their performance with experience
In this paper, we examine whether sell-side security analysts generate more accurate quarterly earnings forecasts and more profitable stock recommendations as their experience with a specific firmExpand
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Does Forecast Accuracy Matter to Security Analysts
We investigate if earnings forecast accuracy matters to security analysts by examining its association with analyst turnover. Controlling for firm‐ and time‐period effects, forecast horizon andExpand
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When Security Analysts Talk, Who Listens?
Regulators' interest in analyst reports stems from the belief that small investors are unaware of the conflicts sell‐side analysts face and may, as a consequence, be misled into making suboptimalExpand
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Coordination of Earnings, Regulatory Capital and Taxes in Private and Public Companies
This study investigates whether the form of ownership in the life insurance industry (i.e., public, private or mutual) affects the pursuit of capital, earnings, and tax management goals between 1975Expand
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Body Composition by Dual-Energy X-ray Absorptiometry in Black Compared with White Women
Abstract: Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DXA) has recently been applied to the measurement of body composition using a three-compartment model consisting of fat, lean and bone mineral. The mass ofExpand
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Earnings Surprises and the Cost of Equity Capital
Controlling for other determinants of the cost of capital, we find that firms with repeated large earnings surprises experience a higher cost of equity capital. This finding holds regardless of theExpand
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Racial differences in femoral dimensions and their relation to hip fracture
White women have a higher rate of age-specific hip fractures than black women. Recently, femoral dimensions have been implicated in osteoporotic fractures. To study racial differences in femoralExpand
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Security Analyst Experience and Post-Earnings-Announcement Drift
Prior research suggests that various financial anomalies are related to investors' inability to process historical earnings and price information. In particular, analysts' failure to incorporateExpand
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Stiffness in Discrimination of Patients with Vertebral Fractures
Abstract: We measured the ultrasound parameters of the heels of 49 women with vertebral fractures and 87 age-matched controls using an Achilles ultrasound device. Average broadband ultrasoundExpand
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Determinants of Superior Stock Picking Ability
or omissions are our responsibility. Abstract Prior research demonstrates that analysts whose recommendation revisions earned the most (least) positive excess returns in the past continue toExpand
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