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Snapshots of the retarded interaction of charge carriers with ultrafast fluctuations in cuprates
By pushing both time and frequency resolution in optical spectroscopy it is now possible to resolve antiferromagnetic fluctuations in a copper oxide superconductor, which are believed to mediate the
Quantitative Impact of Integrals of Motion on the Eigenstate Thermalization Hypothesis.
A generic protocol is introduced to construct observables, subtracted by their projections on LIoms as well as products of LIOMs, and systematically reduces fluctuations and/or the structure of the diagonal matrix elements of local observables.
Inhomogeneity-induced enhancement of the pairing interaction in cuprate superconductors.
It is demonstrated that the dopant-induced spatial variation of the atomic levels always enhances the superexchange interaction.
Eigenvalue statistics of reduced density matrix during driving and relaxation.
It is shown that both for generic as well as for the integrable model, the statistics follows the universality of Gaussian unitary and orthogonal ensembles for driven and equilibrium systems, respectively.
Friedel oscillations in the presence of transport currents in a nanowire
We investigate the Friedel oscillations in a nanowire coupled to two macroscopic electrodes of different potentials. We show that the wave-length of the density oscillations monotonically increases
The Ising version of the t–J model
The t–J model is analysed in the limit of strong anisotropy, where the transverse components of electron spin are neglected. We propose a slave-particle-type approach that is valid, in contradiction
Mechanism of ultrafast relaxation of a photo-carrier in antiferromagnetic spin background
We study the relaxation mechanism of a highly excited charge carrier propagating in the antiferromagnetic background modeled by the $t$-$J$ Hamiltonian on a square lattice. We show that the
Nonequilibrium dynamics of the Holstein polaron driven by an external electric field
This work represents a fundamental study of a Holstein polaron in one dimension driven away from the ground state by a constant electric field. Taking fully into account quantum effects we follow the
Counting local integrals of motion in disordered spinless-fermion and Hubbard chains
We develop a procedure which systematically generates all conserved operators in the disordered models of interacting fermions. Among these operators, we identify and count the independent and local
Spin Subdiffusion in the Disordered Hubbard Chain.
An effective spin model is derived that explains the anomalous spin dynamics in the one-dimensional Hubbard model with strong potential disorder and shows that spins are delocalized and their subdiffusive transport originates from a singular random distribution of spin exchange interactions.