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A history of the ancient Near East ca. 3000-323 BC
Introductory concerns -- Part I. City-states -- Origins : the Uruk phenomenon -- Competing city-states : the early dynastic period -- Political centralization in the late third millennium -- The NearExpand
Uruk: The First City
Translators' Preface Introduction Chapter 1: History of the Question Chapter 2: Social Transformation of the Territory Chapter 3: The Administration of a Complex Economy Chapter 4: Politics andExpand
Crafts in the Early Isin Period: A Study of the Isin Craft Archive from the Reigns of Išbi-Erra and Šū-ilišu@@@Crafts in the Early Isin Period: A Study of the Isin Craft Archive from the Reigns of
La presente synthese porte sur 920 tablettes qui forment un ensemble tout a fait unique dans la documentation cuneiforme. Couvrant une periode de 33 ans, elles datent du tout debut de l'histoireExpand
The ancient Mesopotamian city
Urban history starts in Mesopotamia: the earliest known cities developed there as a result of long indigenous processes and, for millennia, the city determined every aspect of MesopotamianExpand
King Hammurabi of Babylon : a biography
List of Illustrations.Preface.Map.Chronology.Abbreviations.1. The Early Years.2. The Defeat of Elam.3. The Annexation of Larsa.4. The Overthrow of Eshnunna.5. Supremacy in the North.6. The Sack ofExpand
The Eastern Mediterranean in the Age of Ramesses II
List of illustrations. Preface. Acknowledgments. Note to the reader. 1 The World in 1279 BC. 2 The Primary Actors: States. 3 The Other Actors: On the Fringes of the States. 4 Political OrganizationExpand
A History of the Ancient Near East