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Democracy and the Environment: An Empirical Assessment
This article examines empirically the relationship between democracy and the environment. Theorists and policy-makers have been eager to put forward the virtues of democracy as a benign politicalExpand
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Analyzing Diffusion and Contagion Effects: The Urban Disorders of the 1960s
This study concerns the analysis of diffusion and contagion processes using a lognormal model of overdispersion phenomena. The urban disorders of the past decade are examined and two processes areExpand
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The Killing Trap: Genocide in the Twentieth Century
Preface Part I. Introduction: 1. Preliminary considerations 2. Case selection Part II. Explaining Perpetrators: Theoretical Foundations: 3. Continuity and validation 4. Prologue to theory 5. AExpand
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Democracy and Islam: Implications for Civilizational Conflict and the Democratic Peace
The extent to which democracy and Islam are mutually exclusive is tested empirically with implications for civilizational conflict and the democratic peace. Three measures of democracy are used: aExpand
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Why Violence SpreadsThe Contagion of International Terrorism
This study examines the spread of international terrorism from 1968 to 1974. Using Poisson and negative binomial probability models, a diffusion of international terrorism was found in the firstExpand
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Rulers and the Ruled: Patterned Inequality and the Onset of Mass Political Violence
The theory of patterned inequality between rulers and ruled provides a valuable analytic approach to the relationship between inequality and political violence. Under conditions of a bifurcatedExpand
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Origins of Political Extremism: Index
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Environmental Influences on Democracy
The origins of autocracy in hydraulic civilization and the threat of war emerging from many land borders lead to an examination of two environmental sources of democracy—rainfall and sea borders.Expand
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Land Inequality and Political Violence
Considerable research effort has been invested in establishing the appropriate relationship between patterns of land distribution and political violence. In an article in the June 1988 issue of theExpand
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