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Experimental study of postmortem change under field conditions: effects of freezing, thawing, and mechanical injury.
  • M. Micozzi
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of forensic sciences
  • 1 July 1986
Understanding the processes of postmortem change in biologic systems is important to the forensic sciences. Previous experimental studies of postmortem change in animals under field conditions madeExpand
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Associations between smoking and body weight in the US population: analysis of NHANES II.
Recent recommendations for increases in desirable body weights are based upon studies which did not consider the potential confounding effect of cigarette consumption on body weight. We investigatedExpand
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Correlations of body mass indices with weight, stature, and body composition in men and women in NHANES I and II.
It is useful to develop indices of weight and stature, or body mass indices (BMIs), that are highly correlated with weight, are independent of stature, and accurately reflect body composition. TheExpand
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Rib lesions in chronic pulmonary tuberculosis.
The diagnosis of skeletal tuberculosis in human remains has traditionally been based upon the detection of secondary skeletal lesions which result from hemotogenous dissemination of tubercle bacilliExpand
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A prospective study of the development of breast cancer in 16,692 women with benign breast disease.
The authors studied the relation between benign breast disease and subsequent breast cancer in 16,692 women with biopsy-diagnosed benign breast disease who had participated in the Breast CancerExpand
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Body iron stores and the risk of cancer.
Because of evidence that increased body iron stores are associated with an increased risk of cancer, we examined iron status and cancer risk in the first National Health and Nutrition ExaminationExpand
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Plasma carotenoids in normal men after a single ingestion of vegetables or purified beta-carotene.
Changes in seven plasma carotenoids were measured in 30 men for 11 d after ingesting a single dose of pure beta-carotene or a high carotenoid vegetable. A controlled, low-carotenoid diet was fed in aExpand
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An overview of body weight of older persons, including the impact on mortality. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey I--Epidemiologic Follow-up Study.
The authors studied distributions of body weight for height, change in body weight with age, and the relationship between body mass index and mortality among participants in the EpidemiologicExpand
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Three limitations of the body mass index.
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Plasma carotenoid response to chronic intake of selected foods and beta-carotene supplements in men.
We determined serial changes in four major plasma carotenoid fractions (alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, lutein/zeaxanthin, and lycopene) in 30 men consuming defined daily doses of carotenoids fromExpand
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