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The Use of Candida pyralidae and Pichia kluyveri to Control Spoilage Microorganisms of Raw Fruits Used for Beverage Production
This study reports, for the first time, the ability of C. pyralidae to inhibit fungal growth and also for P. kluyveri to show growth inhibition activity against spoilage organisms in a single study. Expand
Heterotrophic nitrification-aerobic denitrification potential of cyanide and thiocyanate degrading microbial communities under cyanogenic conditions
The impact of free cyanide (CN) and thiocyanate (SCN) on the CN (CDO) and SCN degraders (TDO) to nitrify and denitrify aerobically was evaluated under alkaline conditions. The CDO’s were able toExpand
Grape Pomace Extracts as Fermentation Medium for the Production of Potential Biopreservation Compounds
The current study proposes the use of agro-waste, i.e., grape pomace extracts (GPE), as production medium for biopreservation compounds, and production kinetics, subsequent to optimization using response surface methodology (RSM), showed that the highest volumetric zone of inhibition (VZI) was 1.24 L contaminated solidified media per mL biop Reservation compounds used (BCU). Expand
Kinetic modelling and optimisation of antimicrobial compound production by Candida pyralidae KU736785 for control of Candida guilliermondii
The inhibition of Candida guilliermondii, a common fermented beverage spoilage organism, was achieved using antimicrobial compounds produced by Candida pyralidae KU736785 using response surface methodology. Expand
Metagenomic data of free cyanide and thiocyanate degrading bacterial communities
The data presented in this article contains the bacterial community structure of the free cyanide (CN-) and thiocyanate (SCN-) degrading organisms that were isolated from electroplating wastewaterExpand
Optimization of the COD Removal Efficiency for a Static Granular Bed Reactor Treating Poultry Slaughterhouse Wastewater
In this study, the efficiency of an anaerobic treatment system for wastewater from a South African poultry slaughterhouse was evaluated using a lab-scale static granular bed reactor (SGBR). TheExpand
Activity Interactions of Crude Biopreservatives against Spoilage Yeast Consortia
It is common to find different spoilage organisms occurring in the same food item, which usually requires food producers to utilize a mixture of synthetic preservatives to control spoilage. ThisExpand
Biological Stoichiometric Analysis during Substrate Utilization and Secondary Metabolite Production by Non-Saccharomyces Yeasts Using Grape Pomace Extract as Fermentation Medium
The emerging interest in the search for alternatives to synthetic preservatives has led to various successful research studies exploring the use of yeasts as potential biological control agents andExpand