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Enabling control and the problem of incomplete performance indicators
To which extent do managers care about the design characteristics of performance indicators and other control systems? The paper examines this question with the help of the framework of enabling andExpand
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Accounting and Strategising: A Case Study from New Product Development
This paper explores the relationship between accounting and strategy in a context that is characterised by pluralistic demands and high uncertainty about outcomes. By way of an ethnographic fieldExpand
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The Limits of Accountability
Calls for greater accountability from managers and corporations are regularly voiced these days, both in the academic literature and in public discussions more generally. Specifically, it is oftenExpand
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Management Control in New Product Development: The Dynamics of Managing Flexibility and Efficiency
Several studies in management control have drawn upon the concepts of coercive and enabling forms of bureaucracy (Adler and Borys 1996) to discuss how the features of a control system may affectExpand
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Legitimacy and Identity in Germanic Management Accounting Research
Abstract The notion of ‘Controlling’, as it is commonly used in German-speaking countries, may be regarded as an equivalent term for management accounting. At the same time, there have beenExpand
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Reflection and Mindfulness in Organizations: Rationales and Possibilities for Integration
The notion of reflection has featured strongly in Management Learning in recent years. While there is an important body of knowledge on how organizations can foster reflection-on-action, less seemsExpand
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Performance measurement systems and the enactment of different institutional logics: Insights from a football organization
Abstract This paper examines the role of performance measurement systems (PMS) in managing the co-existence of different institutional logics in a football organization. We show that while the sportsExpand
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Immunohistochemical demonstration of enzymatically modified human LDL and its colocalization with the terminal complement complex in the early atherosclerotic lesion.
Treatment of low density lipoprotein (LDL) with degrading enzymes transforms the molecule to a moiety that is micromorphologically indistinguishable from lipoproteinaceous particles that are presentExpand
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Self-assembled cyclodextrin aggregates and nanoparticles.
Cyclodextrins (CDs) are widely used as enabling pharmaceutical excipients, mainly as solubilizing complexing agents. CDs are cyclic oligosaccharides with hydrophilic outer surface and a somewhatExpand
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Atherogenic properties of enzymatically degraded LDL: selective induction of MCP-1 and cytotoxic effects on human macrophages.
The mechanisms underlying the selective accumulation of macrophages in early atherosclerotic lesions are poorly understood but are likely to be related to specific properties of altered low densityExpand
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