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Early life stages in the life cycle of Antarctic silverfish, Pleuragramma antarcticum in Terra Nova Bay, Ross Sea
The nototheniid Pleuragramma antarcticum (Boulenger, 1902), is the dominant pelagic fish in waters of the continental shelf in High Antarctic regions. Larvae and juveniles of this species compriseExpand
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Influence of environmental conditions on spatial distribution and abundance of early life stages of Antarctic silverfish, Pleuragramma antarcticum (Nototheniidae), in the Ross Sea
The Antarctic silverfish Pleuragramma antarcticum Boulenger is the dominant fish species in the high Antarctic zone, playing a key role in the Ross Sea midwater shelf ecosystem. Unlike otherExpand
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Growth and mortality rates of European anchovy (Engraulis encrasicolus) in the Adriatic Sea during the transition from larval to juvenile stages
Abstract Growth and mortality rates of juvenile anchovy ( Engraulis encrasicolus ) were estimated from monthly samples collected in the coastal waters off Ortona (central Adriatic Sea). OtolithExpand
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Clinical predictors of acute radiological pneumonia and hypoxaemia at high altitude.
Fast breathing has been recommended as a predictor of childhood pneumonia. Children living at high altitude, however, may breathe faster in response to the lower oxygen partial pressure, which mayExpand
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Antarctic silverfish: life strategies of a key species in the high-Antarctic ecosystem
Among the endemic notothenioid fish of Antarctica, the Antarctic silverfish (Pleuragramma antarcticum) is the only species in which all developmental stages live throughout the water column. It isExpand
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Trophic ecology of the emerald notothen Trematomus bernacchii (Pisces, Nototheniidae) from Terra Nova Bay, Ross Sea, Antarctica
The trophic ecology of the emerald notothen Trematomus bernacchii was investigated using a sample of 284 specimens collected in the coastal waters of Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea) during the summerExpand
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Summer distribution and abundance of larval and juvenile fishes in the western Ross Sea
Ichthyoplankton samples were collected during the November–December 1994 Italian Antarctic Oceanographic Cruise carried out to the western Ross Sea. A midwater trawl (Hamburg Plankton Net) was usedExpand
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Diet of two coastal nototheniid fish from terra Nova Bay, Ross Sea
An investigation into the feeding habits of two demersal nototheniids, Trematomus bernacchii and T. centronotus, showed that the most important prey were polychaetes, molluscs and euphausiids for T.Expand
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