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Hydraulic systems are widely used in many fields. Controlling of hydraulic systems is carried out through several techniques. Proportional technique is considered one of the important and advancedExpand
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State and Memory Under Mubarak: Language, Politics and the 1973 War Discourse in Egypt
The chapter suggests that the war discourse under Mubarak is a continuation of that established under his predecessor, Sadat, albeit with a number of significant ‘discontinuities’. Mubarak aimed toExpand
Locating religion in victory-making: the 1973 war discourse in Egypt
Abstract Most of the literature on the Arab–Israeli war in 1973 takes material gains and military advances as measurements that indicate victory or defeat. Accordingly, based on the magnitude ofExpand
Book Review: Machiavelli on International Relations
In Machiavelli on International Relations, Marco Cesa has collected 60 excerpts from the writings of Machiavelli and organised them around key themes such as ‘survival and security’, ‘neutrality andExpand
The role of the state in re/constructing the 1973 war discourse in Egypt
In Egypt, questioning the country’s victory in the 1973 War and its implications can lead to media blackout, public outrage, imprisonment and even exile. Public representations of this allegedExpand
Socio-Political Practices Under Sadat
The chapter unpacks internal state, society and media dynamics that led to fixing the 1973 War discourse as an absolute, personified/personalised and religionised victory. These dynamics, which fedExpand
Book Review: Other Areas: Dispatches from the Arabian Spring: Understanding the New Middle East
tool beyond the Prime Minister’s Office. Like the often-misunderstood Machiavelli, it could encourage those who might otherwise condemn behind-thescenes operators out of hand to empathise with theseExpand
Political Disengagement: Exiting the Brotherhood in 2011 and Afterwards
The focus of the chapter is on how rapid and brutal political changes during and after 2011 in Egypt facilitated the process of disengagement from the Brotherhood. I do argue that these changesExpand
Socio-Political Practices Under Mubarak
The chapter examines the socio-politics which lie behind the textual patterns identified during the rule of Mubarak such as political dynamics and the inner workings of the regime. TheseExpand