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Inside dropbox: understanding personal cloud storage services
Personal cloud storage services are gaining popularity. With a rush of providers to enter the market and an increasing offer of cheap storage space, it is to be expected that cloud storage will soonExpand
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YouTube everywhere: impact of device and infrastructure synergies on user experience
In this paper we present a complete measurement study that compares YouTube traffic generated by mobile devices (smart-phones,tablets) with traffic generated by common PCs (desktops, notebooks,Expand
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Reducing Power Consumption in Backbone Networks
According to several studies, the power consumption of the Internet accounts for up to 10% of the worldwide energy consumption, and several initiatives are being put into place to reduce the powerExpand
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Minimizing ISP Network Energy Cost: Formulation and Solutions
According to several studies, the power consumption of the Internet accounts for up to 10% of the worldwide energy consumption and is constantly increasing. The global consciousness on this problemExpand
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Experiences of Internet traffic monitoring with tstat
Since the early days of the Internet, network traffic monitoring has always played a strategic role in understanding and characterizing users¿ activities. In this article, we present our experienceExpand
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Energy-Aware Backbone Networks: A Case Study
Power consumption of ICT is becoming more and more a sensible problem, which is of interest for both the research community, for ISPs and for the general public. In this paper we consider a real IPExpand
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Benchmarking personal cloud storage
Personal cloud storage services are data-intensive applications already producing a significant share of Internet traffic. Several solutions offered by different companies attract more and moreExpand
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The Cost of the "S" in HTTPS
Increased user concern over security and privacy on the Internet has led to widespread adoption of HTTPS, the secure version of HTTP. HTTPS authenticates the communicating end points and providesExpand
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Dissecting Video Server Selection Strategies in the YouTube CDN
In this paper, we conduct a detailed study of the YouTube CDN with a view to understanding the mechanisms and policies used to determine which data centers users download video from. Our analysis isExpand
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On the stability of input-queued switches with speed-up
We consider cell-based switch and router architectures whose internal switching matrix does not provide enough speed to avoid input buffering. These architectures require a scheduling algorithm toExpand
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