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From molecules to bismuth oxide-based materials: Potential homo- and heterometallic precursors and model compounds
Abstract Bismuth-containing heterometallic oxides are promising candidates for a variety of applications with respect to the microelectronics industry. This is not only because of their physicalExpand
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Phase Transients in Pulsed NMR Spectrometers
When a square wave modulated rf voltage is applied to a tuned probe in an NMR spectrometer, the effective transverse magnetic field in the rotating reference frame changes direction as it grows andExpand
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Spectrometers for Multiple-Pulse NMR
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Magic-Angle NMR Experiments in Solids
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Organic-inorganic hybrid materials starting from the novel nanoscaled bismuth oxido methacrylate cluster [Bi38O45(OMc)24(DMSO)9]·2DMSO·7H2O.
The reaction of the basic bismuth nitrate [Bi(6)O(4)(OH)(4)](NO(3))(6)·H(2)O with sodium methacrylate in DMSO gave [Bi(38)O(45)(OMc)(24)(DMSO)(9)]·2DMSO·7H(2)O (OMc = O(2)CC(3)H(5)), which is highlyExpand
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Novel Sterically Congested Monoorganobismuth(III) Compounds: Synthesis, Structure, and Bismuth−Arene π Interaction in ArBiXY (X, Y = Br, I, OH, 2,6-Mes2-4-t-Bu-C6H2PHO2)
Four novel sterically congested terphenyl-substituted bismuth dihalides of the type [2,6-Mes2-4-R-C6H2BiX2]2 (1, R = t-Bu, X = Cl, Br; 2, R = H, X = Br; 3, R = t-Bu, X = Br; 4, R = H, X = I) were s...
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Two novel nanoscaled bismuth oxido clusters, [Bi38O45(OMc)22(C8H7SO3)2(DMSO)6(H2O)1.5]·2.5H2O and [Bi38O45(HSal)22(OMc)2(DMSO)15(H2O)]·DMSO·2H2O
Abstract The synthesis of [Bi38O45(OMc)22(C8H7SO3)2(DMSO)6(H2O)1.5]·2.5H2O (1·2.5H2O) (OMc—methacrylate) and [Bi38O45(HSal)22(OMc)2(DMSO)15(H2O)]·DMSO·2H2O(2·DMSO·2H2O) (Hsal—salicylate) startingExpand
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A modified Goldman-Shen NMR pulse sequence
Abstract A method for eliminating the T 1 effect during the spin diffusion process in the laboratory frame is presented using a modified Goldman-Shen pulse sequence.
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Synthesis and structure of and DFT-studies on 1,3,5-[P(O)(i-PrO)2]3C6H3 and its CHCl3 adduct: analysis of the Cl3C–H⋯OP hydrogen bond
Abstract The novel triphosphonic ester 1,3,5-[P(O)(i-PrO)2]3C6H3 (1) was synthesized and fully characterized including single crystal X-ray diffraction analysis. Crystallization in the presence ofExpand
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