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Principles of high-resolution NMR in solids
1 Introduction.- 2 Nuclear Spin Interactions in Solids.- 2.1 Basic Nuclear Spin Interactions in Solids.- 2.2 Spin Interactions in High Magnetic Fields.- 2.3 Transformation Properties of SpinExpand
Object-oriented magnetic resonance
This book presents, for the first time, a unified treatment of the quantum mechanisms of magnetic resonance, including both nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and electron spin resonance (ESR).Expand
Hyperfine sublevel correlation (hyscore) spectroscopy: a 2D ESR investigation of the squaric acid radical
Abstract We propose a two-dimensional pulsed ESR experiment and demonstrate its capabilities in correlating hyperfine sublevels belonging to the same electron spin.
From molecules to bismuth oxide-based materials: Potential homo- and heterometallic precursors and model compounds
Abstract Bismuth-containing heterometallic oxides are promising candidates for a variety of applications with respect to the microelectronics industry. This is not only because of their physicalExpand
Multiple-quantum dynamics in NMR: A directed walk through Liouville space
An approach to spin dynamics in systems with many degrees of freedom, based on a recognition of the constraints common to all large systems, is developed and used to study the excitation ofExpand
Static Quadrupole Effects in Disordered Cubic Solids
Nuclei with spin I > 1/2 possess an electrical quadrupole moment Q which may interact with the gradient {V ik } of an electric field. If the electric field gradient (EFG) {V ik } at the site of theExpand
Evaluation of synthetic methods for microporous metal–organic frameworks exemplified by the competitive formation of [Cu2(btc)3(H2O)3] and [Cu2(btc)(OH)(H2O)]
Six different synthetic methods (solvothermal, microwave-assisted, atmospheric pressure and reflux, ultrasonic and mechanochemical conditions) for the metal–organic framework [Cu3(btc)2(H2O)3] (btc =Expand
Phase Transients in Pulsed NMR Spectrometers
When a square wave modulated rf voltage is applied to a tuned probe in an NMR spectrometer, the effective transverse magnetic field in the rotating reference frame changes direction as it grows andExpand
Spectrometers for Multiple-Pulse NMR