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Local Endemism Within the Western Ghats-Sri Lanka Biodiversity Hotspot
The apparent biotic affinities between the mainland and the island in the Western Ghats–Sri Lanka biodiversity hotspot have been interpreted as the result of frequent migrations during recent periodsExpand
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New species amongst Sri Lanka’s extinct shrub frogs (Amphibia: Rhacophoridae: Philautus)
An extensive survey of amphibians in Sri Lanka, a 65,000 km2 continental island, has recently served to uncover ~100 new species of amphibians, mostly Oriental shrub-frogs of the endotrophic genusExpand
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Sri Lanka: an amphibian hot spot.
Dramatic population declines have affected frogs worldwide ([1][1]), and, although new species continue to be described ([2][2]), the discovery of large new species radiations is rare. Here, weExpand
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Morphology and ecology of tadpoles of Ramanella obscura (Anura: Microhylidae)
External, buccal and chondrocranial morphology, bone development and ecology of the tadpoles of Ramanella obscura , a narrow-mouthed frog species endemic to Sri Lanka is described. The tadpoles haveExpand
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Two new species of shrub frogs (Rhacophoridae: Pseudophilautus ) from Sri Lanka
Two new species of Sri Lankan shrub frogs of the genus Pseudophilautus are described. These species are diagnosed from their congeners on the basis of morphology, morphometrics and mitochondrial DNAExpand
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A second extinct big cat, tentatively considered to be a tiger (Panthera tigris), is recorded from Sri Lanka for the first time from a fossil left lower carnassial found in alluvium near Ratnapura inExpand
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Tadpoles as dengue mosquito (Aedes aegypti) egg predators
Mosquito eggs survive drought conditions while harboring pathogens, perpetuating diseases through seasons. Biological control of mosquitoes using vertebrates mostly highlights the role of larvivorousExpand
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Comparative evolutionary diversity and phylogenetic structure across multiple forest dynamics plots: a mega-phylogeny approach
Forest dynamics plots, which now span longitudes, latitudes, and habitat types across the globe, offer unparalleled insights into the ecological and evolutionary processes that determine how speciesExpand
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Rediscovery of Pseudophilautus semiruber , a diminutive shrub frog (Rhacophoridae: Pseudophilautus ) from Sri Lanka
FIGURE 2. Pseudophilautus semiruber (WHT 5831), in life, Agra-Bopat Forest Reserve. A. profile; B. dorsal aspect; C. fronto-dorsal aspect; D. ventral aspect.
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