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Barriers to Psychologists Seeking Mental Health Care
Professional psychologists provide help to people in need, but how freely do psychologists seek psychotherapy themselves when facing personal challenges and struggles? What obstacles make itExpand
Maintaining Personal Resiliency: Lessons Learned from Evangelical Protestant Clergy
Despite the prominence of clergy in providing human services, and the work-related stressors they experience, clergy health and coping responses have rarely been the focus of psychological research.Expand
Basic and advanced competence in collaborating with clergy.
Some of the stories of psychologists and clergy working together have happy endings, and some do not. Twenty psychologists and clergy who work together well were interviewed, and 94 clergy (53%Expand
Forgiveness and Reconciliation: The Differing Perspectives of Psychologists and Christian Theologians
Among psychologists, forgiveness and reconciliation are typically viewed as separate constructs. This distinction is often adaptive, making it possible for a person to forgive a deceased offender orExpand
Care For Pastors: Learning From Clergy and Their Spouses
Pastors and their spouses face unique challenges because of the nature of pastoral work, and yet most manage these challenges successfully. Five studies are presented which help distinguish betweenExpand
Spiritual Coping and Well-Functioning among Psychologists
The work of psychologists can be stressful and demanding, which calls for an understanding of how psychologists cope with the stress of their work and how they prevent distress by establishing habitsExpand