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Woman and Society in the Spanish Drama of the Golden Age: A Study of the Mujer Varonil
Preface Abbreviations Part I: 1. Introduction 2. The pre-Lopistas 3. Cervantes and the Valencians Part II: 4. The bandolera 5. The mujer esquiva 6. The amazon, the leader, the warrior 7. The scholar,Expand
Theatre in Spain 1490-1700
List of plates Preface List of abbreviations Introduction 1. The birth of the drama 2. From drama to theatre 3. The Comedia: some definitions and problems 4. Lope de Vega 5. Tirso de Molina and theExpand
The Effect of Self-Referential Expectation on Emotional Face Processing
Investigation of the effect of self-relevant primes on processing emotional composite faces indicated that primes did not guide attention, but impacted on judgments of valence intensity and self-esteem ratings. Expand
Research-teaching linkages: enhancing graduate attributes. Arts, humanities and social sciences
This publication represents one output of the Quality Enhancement Theme of Research-Teaching Linkages: enhancing graduate attributes. Sections 2-5 relate primarily to the project outcomes of use toExpand
Use of Fluorescent Brighteners to Visualise the Sites of Cellulose Synthesis in the Root Hairs of Species of Peperomia
Branched and unbranched root hairs of Peperomia fraseri and P. blanda were examined by bright field transmission and fluorescence microscopy in the presence of the optical brightener Photine HV. ManyExpand
Playing the King