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Gene flow in Dubautia arborea and D. ciliolata: the roles of ecology and isolation by distance in maintaining species boundaries despite ongoing hybridization
The relative roles of gene flow and natural selection in maintaining species differentiation have been a subject of debate for some time. The traditional view is that gene flow constrains adaptiveExpand
Abstract Adaptive diversification can be viewed as a balance between the conservative force of interpopulation gene flow and selection for differential environments. In this paper, we examineExpand
Do the island biogeography predictions of MacArthur and Wilson hold when examining genetic diversity on the near mainland California Channel Islands? Examples from endemic Acmispon (Fabaceae)
The California Channel Islands are a group of eight oceanic islands located off the coast of southern California that are substantially closer to the mainland than most other well-studied islandExpand
Clonality in the Endangered Ambrosia pumila (Asteraceae) Inferred from RAPD Markers; Implications for Conservation and Management
Clonal plants have the ability to spread and survive over long periods of time by vegetative growth. For endangered species, the occurrence of clonality can have significant impacts on levels ofExpand
Population genetic diversity and species relationships in the genus Rhinanthus L. based on microsatellite markers.
The genus Rhinanthus L. is complex, containing many taxonomically unresolved taxa. In this paper we studied genetic variation and species relationships in 15 populations of six Rhinanthus speciesExpand
Genetic variation and its relationship to population size in reintroduced populations of pink sand verbena, Abronia umbellata subsp. breviflora (Nyctaginaceae)
AbstractGenetic monitoring of reintroduced plantpopulations can allow assessment of the successin establishing new populations thatgenetically resemble native populations. Weused a PCR-based methodExpand
Genetic diversity following demographic recovery in the insular endemic plant Galium catalinense subspecies acrispum
Galium catalinense (Rubiaceae) is a perennial shrub consisting of two subspecies endemic to California’s Channel Islands: Galium catalinense subsp. catalinense on Santa Catalina Island, and G.Expand
Research grade marijuana supplied by the National Institute on Drug Abuse is genetically divergent from commercially available Cannabis
Public comfort with Cannabis (marijuana and hemp) has recently increased, resulting in previously strict Cannabis regulations now allowing hemp cultivation, medical use, and in some states,Expand
Examining the genetic integrity of a rare endemic Colorado cactus (Sclerocactus glaucus) in the face of hybridization threats from a close and widespread congener (Sclerocactus parviflorus)
Natural interspecific hybridization within plants is relatively common and plays an important evolutionary role. Hybridization between rare and common taxa is of concern due to questions ofExpand
How much is enough? Minimum sampling intensity required to capture extant genetic diversity in ex situ seed collections: examples from the endangered plant Sibara filifolia (Brassicaceae)
Sibara filifolia (Brassicaceae), Santa Cruz Island Rock Cress, an endangered annual plant endemic to the California Channel Islands which was presumed extinct for nearly 50 years, is currently knownExpand