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Reading Sport Critically: A Methodology for Interrogating Power
This paper discusses a methodology for interrogating power, which we call reading sport critically. Although versions of this method are currently practiced by a number of sport scholars, the
Dialogues on Whiteness, Leisure and (Anti)Racism
Abstract This essay offers one response to recent calls for leisure studies scholars to more effectively integrate race into their analyses. Drawing from interdisciplinary scholarship within ethnic
Grounded in feminist cultural studies perspectives, this article criticizes the marketing of postfeminist ideologies in the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA). While seeking to create new
“If You Let Me Play”: Young Girls’ Insider-Other Narratives of Sport
In this article we explore the narratives that 10 White, middle-class female athletes, ages 11–14, (co)produce around their sport experiences. Through interviews, observation, and participant
Michael Jordan’s Family Values: Marketing, Meaning, and Post-Reagan America
Michael Jordan ’s body offers a significant site to explore larger cultural meanings and anxieties in post-Reagan America. Informed by cultural studies sensibilities, this paper explores selected
Queering Whiteness: The Peculiar Case of the Women's National Basketball Association
This article offers an investigation of the Women's National Basketball Association's marketing discourses and provides historical and contemporary contexts to illuminate the complex articulations of
Mapping Whiteness and Sport: An Introduction
This introductory essay maps a context from which to understand the explosion in the analysis of whiteness, white identities and white privilege in the 1990s and 2000s. The current
Covering women's sport? An analysis of Sports Illustrated covers from 1987-2009 and ESPN The Magazine covers from 1998-2009
This content analysis builds upon previous sport media scholarship (Lumpkin & Williams, 1991; Fink & Kensicki, 2002; Duncan & Messner, 2005; Messner & Cooky, 2010) to examine the covers of the two US
Unnecessary Roughness: Gender and Racial Politics in Domestic Violence Media Events
Media accounts of physical assault perpetrated by male sport figures against women offer some of the most visible accounts of domestic violence available. This article examines these representations
Rethinking human rights: the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, LGBT protections and the limits of cosmopolitanism
Abstract Prior to the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, activists from several Western countries protested the implementation of draconian laws in Russia that targeted the LGBT