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The Kowledge-Based Simulation System
To answer what-if questions, KBS uses artificial intelligence techniques to model complex organizations, recognize cause-and-effect relations, and generates scenarios automatically. Expand
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Knowledge-based simulation: an artificial intelligence approach to system modeling and automating the simulation life cycle
Abstract : This paper summarizes the past eight years of research in the application of Artificial Intelligence to Simulation. Expand
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Software Licensing in the Cloud Age
This paper examines common licensing models, including open source, and how well they function in a cloud services model. Expand
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Using AOP to separate SOA security concerns from application implementation
We demonstrate several methods of aspect weaving to incorporate security code into deployed services, both at compile-time and load-time. Expand
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Object-oriented model-driven control.
A monitoring and control subsystem architecture has been developed that capitalizes on the use of model-driven monitoring and predictive control, knowledge-based data representation, and artificial reasoning in an operator support mode. Expand
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Identity propagation in N-tier systems
This paper will describe a working prototype framework that propagates user credentials through web application, web service and database tiers, and applies label-based access control (LBAC) policies within the database. Expand
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The ferry business, which has been dominated by pioneers and entrepreneurs, is starting to attract large, experienced international operators. Their presence promises to change the nature of theExpand
SOA technical architecture governance - evaluating maturity of standards
Technical standards, when they are successful, provide portability and interoperability between products, create 3rd party markets, enhance competition, lower price and simplify integration. On theExpand
A Micro-Computerized Facility For On-Line Spectroscopic Plasma Diagnostics
Temperature distributions and species densities can be determined in cylindrical plasmas by using the Abel inversion technique to obtain the volumetric emission coefficient from lateral radianceExpand
Path planning control
Viewgraphs on path planning control are presented for fuzzy logic . Expand