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Genotypic and Environmental Effects on Grain Yield and Quality of Oat Grown in North Dakota
The grain yield and quality determine much of the value of an oat (A vena saliva L.) crop to the producer. This study investigated effects of genotype and environment on grain yield and quality.Expand
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Staling of Bread as Affected by Waxy Wheat Flour Blends
ABSTRACT Crumb softness and improved shelf life of bread is often achieved by incorporating expensive shortenings in the formulation. We hypothesized that similar results could be achieved byExpand
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Physicochemical and Functional Properties of Tetraploid and Hexaploid Waxy Wheat Starch
Waxy wheats possess unique starch functional properties that may be useful in specific end-uses. To assess the physicochemical, thermal, and pasting properties, starches from seven waxy genotypesExpand
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Factors Affecting Groat Percentage in Oat
The groat percentage represents an important quality characteristic of oat (Avena sativa L.). Our objectives were to characterize mechanical factors of the oat dehulling process and the physicalExpand
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Genotypic and Environmental Effects on Oat Milling Characteristics and Groat Hardness
ABSTRACT The production of oat bran involves the dehulling of oats, inactivation of their enzymes, and the subsequent grinding and sieving of the clean groats to isolate the larger bran particles.Expand
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Population Genomics Related to Adaptation in Elite Oat Germplasm
An oat association‐mapping panel contributed by active breeding programs worldwide. Characterized population structure and found subdivisions related to adaptation Characterized genome‐wide andExpand
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Evaluation of Oat Kernel Size Uniformity
Oat (Avena sativa L.) kernel size uniformity is important to the oat milling industry because oat-processing mills separate oats according to size to optimize dehulling efficiency. In this study, weExpand
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Grain Quality Characteristics and Milling Performance of Full and Partial Waxy Durum Lines
ABSTRACT Mutation of the gene coding for the granule bound starch synthase (waxy protein) leads to reduced amylose content in cereal endosperm. Durum wheat (Triticum turgidum L. var. durum) has oneExpand
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Sources of Variation in Oat Kernel Size
ABSTRACT Oat kernel size uniformity is important to the oat milling industry because of the size fractionations that occur in the milling process. We measured frequency of single, double, and tripleExpand
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