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The Radio Activity-Rotation Relation of Ultracool Dwarfs
We present a new radio survey of about 100 late-M and L dwarfs undertaken with the Very Large Array. The sample was chosen to explore the role of rotation in the radio activity of ultracool dwarfs.Expand
Periodic Radio Emission from the M7 Dwarf 2MASS J13142039+1320011: Implications for the Magnetic Field Topology
We present multi-epoch radio and optical observations of the M7 dwarf 2MASS J13142039+1320011. We detect a {approx}1 mJy source at 1.43, 4.86, 8.46, and 22.5 GHz, making it the most luminous radioExpand
The Radio-X-ray Relation in Cool Stars: Are we headed toward a divorce?
This splinter session was devoted to reviewing our current k nowledge of correlated X-ray and radio emission from cool stars in order to prepare for new large radio observatories such as the EVLA. AExpand
Two emission systems of BS
Abstract Two new systems of emission bands near 2100 and 3100 A have been produced by a microwave discharge in B 2 S 3 vapor. From the known X 2 Σ + and A 2 Π i states of BS, these systems have beenExpand