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Sydney 2000.
Candido Portinari O lavrador de cafe (The coffee worker) 1939.
There is great poetical intensity in the way Portinari blends abstract themes into a Renaissance-style landscape—Brazil, which is a big country with an ‘awful lot of coffee’. Expand
X-rays as art.
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Claude Monet Les charbonniers also called Les déchargeurs de charbon [The Coalmen, also called Men Unloading Coal] c. 1875.
On a dull grey winter’s morning against the background of a smoke-filled sky, scores of men are hard at work unloading coal barges on a dark, still Seine. We see a procession of workers, emptyExpand
Maxwell Bates Workmen (lunch hour) c. 1957
Engineering Industry Perspective
The possible impact of manufacturing and social trends on occupational health practice is described and priorities which favour operational requirements over fundamental scientific need are proposed. Expand
Anatomy of a gift recommendation engine powered by social media
The @WalmartLabs Gift Recommendation Engine and its first application, Shopycat, which is a gift finder application on Facebook, aim to find the right and "wow" gifts much easier and quicker than ever before, by taking into account social media interactions. Expand
Mirko Virius Harvest 1938.
Mirko Virius was born in 1889 at elekovec, a small town near the Hungarian border, about 50 miles North-East of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia, and produced a vast body of work in watercolours, charcoal and oil, rapidly becoming one of the three most prominent members of the Hlebine School, a group of Croatian naive painters who worked in the neighbouring villages of HleBine and Podravina from around 1932. Expand
Diego Rivera. Detroit Industry (1932-1933): north wall fresco, lower panel 5.398 m x 13.716 m. Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, USA.
This massive mural depicting engine and transmission production for the 1932 Ford V8 at the Ford River Rouge factory in Detroit, an ‘ore to assembly’ complex employing 100 000 people on 1200 acres, is bursting with life, energy and power. Expand
Walter Herz Olympic Games London 1948.
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