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Analysis of methylphenidate and its metabolite ritalinic acid in monkey plasma by liquid chromatography/electrospray ionization mass spectrometry.
Methylphenidate (MP, Ritalin) is a psychotropic drug widely prescribed to children for treating the symptoms of attention deficit disorder with and without hyperactivity. Because little informationExpand
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Study of C- and O-glycosylflavones in sugarcane extracts using liquid chromatography: exact mass measurement mass spectrometry
The flavonoids present in sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum) extracts were analyzed by liquid chromatography - mass spectrometry (LC-MS), and a study of the fragmentation patterns of selectedExpand
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Towards the use of ion mobility mass spectrometry derived collision cross section as a screening approach for unambiguous identification of targeted pesticides in food.
RATIONALE Mass spectrometry (MS) is the reference method for the screening of ultra-trace residues of pesticides in food because MS offers the required selectivity/sensitivity to gather informationExpand
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Distinction of the C-glycosylflavone isomer pairs orientin/isoorientin and vitexin/isovitexin using HPLC-MS exact mass measurement and in-source CID.
HPLC-MS using collision induced dissociation (CID) has been utilised for the identification of the C-glycosylflavone isomer pairs orientin/isoorientin and vitexin/isovitexin. HPLC-CID/MS analysesExpand
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Baseline resolution of isomers by traveling wave ion mobility mass spectrometry: investigating the effects of polarizable drift gases and ionic charge distribution.
We have studied the behavior of isomers and analogues by traveling wave ion mobility mass spectrometry (TWIM-MS) using drift-gases with varying masses and polarizabilities. Despite the reduced lengthExpand
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Separation of isomeric disaccharides by traveling wave ion mobility mass spectrometry using CO2 as drift gas.
The use of CO(2) as a massive and polarizable drift gas is shown to greatly improve peak-to-peak resolution (R(p-p) ), as compared with N(2) , for the separation of disaccharides in a Synapt G2Expand
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Analysis of phenols in water at the ppb level using direct supercritical fluid extraction of aqueous samples combined on-line with supercritical fluid chromatography-mass spectrometry
A high pressure multivalve switching system has provided a means of interfacing a direct aqueous SFE vessel to a packed column SFC-MS system. Using full scan negative ion atmospheric pressureExpand
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Exploring the Complexity of Steviol Glycosides Analysis Using Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry.
A proof of principle method using ion mobility-mass spectrometry (IM-MS) and collision induced dissociation (CID) coupled with micro flow ultra high-performance chromatography (UHPLC-IM-MS) has beenExpand
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Identification of ion series using ion mobility mass spectrometry: the example of alkyl-benzothiophene and alkyl-dibenzothiophene ions in diesel fuels.
Ion mobility-mass spectrometry (IMMS) has been presented as a promising method for analysis of highly complex mixtures. This coupling adds an additional postionization separation dimension to MS. TheExpand
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Use of ion mobility mass spectrometry to enhance cumulative analytical specificity and separation to profile 6-C/8-C-glycosylflavone critical isomer pairs and known-unknowns in medicinal plants.
INTRODUCTION Plant medicine/herbal extracts are typically complex, encompassing a wide range of flavonoid diversity and biological benefits. Combined with a lack of standards; species authenticationExpand
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