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A Whole-Link Travel-Time Model with Desirable Properties
This work proposes an alternative whole-link model for link travel times that ensures first-in-first-out and has other desirable properties, and indicates computational methods for solving the model, applies it to various patterns of inflows, and compares the numerical results with two alternatives.
Beauty in the eye of the beholder? How high security hospital psychopathically-disordered patients rate their own interpersonal behaviour
As service user involvement, particularly through ‘expert patient’ schemes, increases for service development and implementation in the UK, we investigated the concordance between how patients with
An exit-flow model used in dynamic traffic assignment
Explanatory Inference under Uncertainty
Investigation of the performance of explanatory or abductive inference in certain hypothesis selection tasks shows that some explanatory approaches can perform well and in certain scenarios they perform much better than the standard approach.
Explaining and Explaining Away in Science and Religion
Abstract There is no good reason to think that there is a necessary conflict between science and the existence of God, but is there still some way in which science might support atheism? The most
On the Road to Chaos.
Two simple mathematical models for how individual vehicles follow each other along a stretch of road are discussed. The resulting diierence equations can be used as applications of techniques taught