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Interspecies Prediction of Human Drug Clearance Based on Scaling Data from One or Two Animal Species
A data-driven approach was adopted to derive new one- and two-species-based methods for predicting human drug clearance (CL) using CL data from rat, dog, or monkey (n = 102). The new one-speciesExpand
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Sixty-one sets of clearance (CL) values in animal species were allometrically scaled for predicting human clearance. Unbound fractions (fu) of drug in plasma in rats and humans were obtained from theExpand
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Potential error in the measurement of tissue to blood distribution coefficients in physiological pharmacokinetic modeling. Residual tissue blood. II. Distribution of phencyclidine in the rat.
A model for predicting the magnitude of error (% Err) in measuring tissue concentrations of a compound that have not been corrected for residual blood in the tissue was previously developed. TheExpand
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A global examination of allometric scaling for predicting human drug clearance and the prediction of large vertical allometry.
Allometrically scaled data sets (138 compounds) used for predicting human clearance were obtained from the literature. Our analyses of these data have led to four observations. (1) The current dataExpand
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Estimation of Ki in a competitive enzyme-inhibition model: comparisons among three methods of data analysis.
There are a variety of methods available to calculate the inhibition constant (Ki) that characterizes substrate inhibition by a competitive inhibitor. Linearized versions of the Michaelis-MentenExpand
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Thiopental Disposition in Lean and Obese Patients Undergoing Surgery
The effect of obesity on the disposition kinetics of thiopental was studied in seven morbidly obese (age 25 to 46 years) and eight age-matched lean patients (age 25 to 43 years), undergoing primarilyExpand
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Disposition kinetics of d- and l-amphetamine following intravenous administration of racemic amphetamine to rats.
Amphetamine (AP), a chiral drug, displays stereoselective differences in biological action. The effect of stereochemistry on the disposition kinetics of the enantiomers has not been thoroughlyExpand
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Dermal Absorption of Camphor, Menthol, and Methyl Salicylate in Humans
Camphor, menthol, and methyl salicylate occur in numerous over‐the‐counter products. Although extensively used, there have been no estimates of human exposure following administration via dermalExpand
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Evaluation of a minimal experimental design for determination of enzyme kinetic parameters and inhibition mechanism.
The advent of combinatorial chemistry has led to a deluge of new chemical entities whose metabolic pathways need to be determined. A significant issue involves determination of the ability of newExpand
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