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Thermal neutron scattering data for the moderator materials H 2 O, D 2 O and ZrH x in ENDF-6 format and as ACE library for MCNP(X) codes
At thermal neutron energies, the binding of the scattering nucleus in a solid, liquid, or gas affects the cross section and the angular and energy distributions of the scattered neutrons. TheseExpand
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Prediction of Multipactor Breakdown for Multicarrier Applications: The Quasi-Stationary Method
A new prediction algorithm for multipactor breakdown determination in multicarrier signals is presented. This new algorithm assumes a quasi-stationary (QS) model based on the nonstationary theory forExpand
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FEST3D - A simulation tool for multipactor prediction
In this paper, a software tool for the calculation of the multipactor threshold in passive components based on rectangular geometry is presented. This software is useful for investigating complexExpand
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Efficient Analysis of Shielding Effectiveness of Metallic Rectangular Enclosures Using Unconditionally Stable Time-Domain Integral Equations
This paper proposes an efficient modeling technique for transient electromagnetic analysis of a rectangular metallic enclosure with multiple apertures, using the surface equivalent principle (SEP)Expand
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Orthomode Transducer and Dual-Polarized Horn Antenna in Substrate Integrated Technology
A dual-polarized system fully implemented in substrate integrated technology is presented. It comprises an orthomode transducer (OMT) with planar excitation schemes for both orthogonal TE10- andExpand
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Multipactor breakdown prediction in rectangular waveguide based components
In this paper the multipactor power threshold in arbitrary complex components based on rectangular waveguide technology is investigated. The two required computations when studying such a phenomenonExpand
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Multipactor theory for multicarrier signals
This work presents a new theory of multipactor under multicarrier signals for parallel-plate geometries, assuming a homogeneous electric field and one-dimensional electron motion. It is theExpand
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An investigation of the effect of fringing fields on multipactor breakdown
In this paper the effect of fringing fields on the multipactor breakdown level in simple rectangular waveguide structures is investigated. Up to now multipactor analysis of these structures are basedExpand
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Real axis integration of Sommerfeld integrals with error estimation
A new integration scheme, specifically tailored for the first, finite, part of Sommerfeld Integrals (SIs) arising in the electromagnetic analysis of multilayered structures, is presented. ItExpand
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IEEE-P1451.2 Smart Transducer Interface Module | NIST
This paper provides a technical overview of the smart transducer interface module (STIM), the key element of the proposed IEEE-P1451. Expand
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