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GIBBERELLIN INSENSITIVE DWARF1 encodes a soluble receptor for gibberellin
Gibberellins (GAs) are phytohormones that are essential for many developmental processes in plants. It has been postulated that plants have both membrane-bound and soluble GA receptors; however, noExpand
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Loss of Function of a Rice brassinosteroid insensitive1 Homolog Prevents Internode Elongation and Bending of the Lamina Joint
Brassinosteroids (BRs) are plant growth–promoting natural products required for plant growth and development. Physiological studies have demonstrated that exogenous BR, alone or in combination withExpand
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An Overview of Gibberellin Metabolism Enzyme Genes and Their Related Mutants in Rice1[w]
To enhance our understanding of GA metabolism in rice (Oryza sativa), we intensively screened and identified 29 candidate genes encoding the following GA metabolic enzymes using all available riceExpand
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The ethylene response factors SNORKEL1 and SNORKEL2 allow rice to adapt to deep water
Living organisms must acquire new biological functions to adapt to changing and hostile environments. Deepwater rice has evolved and adapted to flooding by acquiring the ability to significantlyExpand
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slender Rice, a Constitutive Gibberellin Response Mutant, Is Caused by a Null Mutation of the SLR1 Gene, an Ortholog of the Height-Regulating Gene GAI/RGA/RHT/D8
The rice slender mutant (slr1-1) is caused by a single recessive mutation and results in a constitutive gibberellin (GA) response phenotype. The mutant elongates as if saturated with GAs. In thisExpand
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Accumulation of Phosphorylated Repressor for Gibberellin Signaling in an F-box Mutant
Gibberellin (GA) regulates growth and development in plants. We isolated and characterized a rice GA-insensitive dwarf mutant,gid2. The GID2 gene encodes a putative F-box protein, which interactedExpand
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The OsTB1 gene negatively regulates lateral branching in rice.
Although the shoot apical meristem (SAM) is ultimately responsible for post-embryonic development in higher plants, lateral meristems also play an important role in determining the final morphologyExpand
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Crown rootless1, Which Is Essential for Crown Root Formation in Rice, Is a Target of an AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR in Auxin Signalingw⃞
Although the importance of auxin in root development is well known, the molecular mechanisms involved are still unknown. We characterized a rice (Oryza sativa) mutant defective in crown rootExpand
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The Gibberellin Signaling Pathway Is Regulated by the Appearance and Disappearance of SLENDER RICE1 in Nuclei Article, publication date, and citation information can be found at
The slender rice1 mutant (slr1) shows a constitutive gibberellin (GA) response phenotype. To investigate the mode of action of SLR1, we generated transgenic rice expressing a fusion proteinExpand
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The YABBY Gene DROOPING LEAF Regulates Carpel Specification and Midrib Development in Oryza sativa On-line version contains Web-only data.
In this article, we report that carpel specification in the Oryza sativa (rice) flower is regulated by the floral homeotic gene DROOPING LEAF (DL) that is distinct from the well-known ABC genes.Expand
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