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Morphometric variation analyses and revision of the Japanese toads (Genus Bufo, Bufonidae)
Two problems havc been involved in the classification of the Japanese toads : (1) relationships with the continental forms, and (2) relationships among forms hitherto described within the islands.Expand
Multiple invasions of the Ryukyu Archipelago by Oriental frogs of the subgenus Odorrana with phylogenetic reassessment of the related subgenera of the genus Rana.
P phylogenetic relationships among 17 species of the section Hylarana including Odorrana and Eburana, and related species from the Ryukyus, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia are estimated to be monophyletic. Expand
Three New Species of Leptolalax from Thailand (Amphibia, Anura, Megophryidae)
  • M. Matsui
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Zoological science
  • 1 September 2006
Abstract Three new megophryid species, Leptolalax melanoleucus, L. fuliginosus, and L. solus, are described from southwestern and southern Thailand on the bases of acoustic and morphologicalExpand
Systematic relationships of Oriental tiny frogs of the family Microhylidae (Amphibia, Anura) as revealed by mtDNA genealogy.
The genealogical relationships and assessed systematic relationships among 45 out of 89 named species and four unnamed taxa from 11 of 14 genera of the Oriental microhylids were estimated using maximum parsimony, maximum likelihood, and Bayesian inference methods. Expand
Taxonomic Relationships within the Pan-Oriental Narrow-mouth Toad Microhyla ornata as Revealed by mtDNA Analysis (Amphibia, Anura, Microhylidae)
Abstract A molecular phylogenetic survey was conducted using mtDNA sequences of 12S and 16S rRNA, and cyt-b genes to examine taxonomic relationships among populations of the Pan-Oriental microhylid,Expand
Phylogenetic relationships of megophryid frogs of the genus Leptobrachium (Amphibia, Anura) as revealed by mtDNA gene sequences.
The phylogenetic history and biogeography in the megophryid genus Leptobrachium (sensu lato, including Vibrissaphora) from southern China, Indochina, Thailand and the Sundaland is estimated using maximum parsimony, maximum likelihood, and Bayesian inference methods. Expand
Call characteristics of Malaysian Leptolalax with a description of two new species (Anura : Pelobatidae)
Call characteristics of Leptolalax heteropus from Peninsular Malaysia and L. gracilis, L. dring, and two undescribed forms from Borneo are described, suggesting phylogenetic divergence. Expand
The impact of anchored phylogenomics and taxon sampling on phylogenetic inference in narrow‐mouthed frogs (Anura, Microhylidae)
Five alternative combinations of DNA sequence data generated using the anchored phylogenomics sequencing method corroborate the monophyly of Microhylidae and most currently recognized subfamilies but fail to provide support for relationships among subfam families. Expand
A taxonomic study of the Rana narina complex, with description of three new species (Amphibia : Ranidae)
Abstract A morphometric and electrophoretic survey was conducted to examine taxonomic relationships among eight population samples of the Rana narina complex from the Ryukyu Archipelago of Japan andExpand