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And the beak shall inherit - evolution in response to invasion.
It is reported that native taxa in colonized regions may swiftly evolve to exploit such emancipated exotic species because of selection caused by invaders, and a native biota that initially permits invasion may rapidly respond in ways that ultimately facilitate control.
Home range and habitat use of a low-density population of greater gliders, Petauroides volans (Pseudocheiridae: Marsupialia), in a hollow-limiting environment
Gliders were two and half times less likely to be observed during standardised spotlighting surveys in the study area than elsewhere in southern Queensland, suggesting that low availability of den trees is contributing to large home ranges and the apparent low population density observed in this study.
Impacts of grazing, selective logging and hyper-aggressors on diurnal bird fauna in intact forest landscapes of the Brigalow Belt, Queensland.
The strong relationship between noisy miners and small passerines suggests that noisy miner abundance could act as an easily measured indicator of forest condition, potentially contributing to monitoring of forest management outcomes.
The hegemony of the ‘despots’: the control of avifaunas over vast continental areas
There is strong evidence that the local composition of avifaunas over much of a continent is controlled by the indiscriminate aggression of a colonial genus.
Spurious thresholds in the relationship between species richness and vegetation cover
Aim Thresholds often exist in the relationship between species richness and the area of remaining habitat in human-modified landscapes, prompting debate about the mechanisms responsible. We
Ecology of Leptocoris Hahn (Hemiptera: Rhopalidae) soapberry bugs in Australia
This work finds five species of Leptocoris Hahn in Australia, and lists sapinds that do and do not serve as reproductive hosts, and maps the continental distributions of the insects and primary hosts.
Yellow-throated miners Manorina flavigula homogenize bird communities across intact and fragmented landscapes
It is postulate that the combination of clearing and yellow-throated miner abundance can interact to disrupt the ecological function of woodlands, by the depletion of insect- and nectar-feeding species and the disturbance to mixed feeding flocks.
Distribution, habitat and conservation status of the Eastern Pygmy-possum Cercartetus nanus in Queensland
Reliable modern records of the Eastern Pygmy-possum Cercartetus nanus in Queensland were collated from various sources (including databases and previous reports) and a map of potential C. nanus