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Transcription elongation factor P-TEFb is required for HIV-1 tat transactivation in vitro.
P-TEFb is a key regulator of the process controlling the processivity of RNA polymerase II and possesses a kinase activity that can phosphorylate the carboxy-terminal domain of the largest subunit ofExpand
Adenovirus virus-associated RNA and translation control.
Theadenovirus genome istranscribed bytwoRNA polymerases furnished bythehostcell. RNA polymerase II transcribes bothstrands oftheviral DNA over nearly allof itslength, andtheresultant mRNAs encodeExpand
The double-stranded-RNA-binding motif: interference and much more
RNA duplexes have been catapulted into the spotlight by the discovery of RNA interference and related phenomena. But double-stranded and highly structured RNAs have long been recognized as keyExpand
Interactions between double-stranded RNA regulators and the protein kinase DAI.
The interferon-induced protein kinase DAI, the double-stranded RNA (dsRNA)-activated inhibitor of translation, plays a key role in regulating protein synthesis in higher cells. Once activated, in aExpand
Double-stranded-RNA-dependent protein kinase and TAR RNA-binding protein form homo- and heterodimers in vivo.
The yeast two-hybrid system and far-Western protein blot analysis were used to demonstrate dimerization of human double-stranded RNA (dsRNA)-dependent protein kinase (PKR) in vivo and in vitro. AExpand
Two RNA-binding motifs in the double-stranded RNA-activated protein kinase, DAI.
The protein kinase DAI, the double-stranded RNA-activated inhibitor of translation, is an essential component of the interferon-induced cellular antiviral response. The enzyme is regulated by theExpand
Principles of translational control: an overview.
Translational control plays an essential role in the regulation of gene expression. It is especially important in defining the proteome, maintaining homeostasis, and controlling cell proliferation,Expand
Structure, function, and evolution of adenovirus-associated RNA: a phylogenetic approach.
To explore the structure and function of a small regulatory RNA, we examined the virus-associated (VA) RNA species of all 47 known human adenovirus serotypes and of one simian virus, SA7. The VA RNAExpand
Functional identity of proliferating cell nuclear antigen and a DNA polymerase-δ auxiliary protein
The mechanism of replication of the simian virus 40 (SV40) genome closely resembles that of cellular chromosomes, thereby providing an excellent model system for examining the enzymatic requirementsExpand
Identity of the proliferating cell nuclear antigen and cyclin
Studies of growth regulation and cellular transformation will be assisted by the identification of proteins that are preferentially synthesized in dividing cells. The ‘proliferating cell nuclearExpand