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Pharmacology and Therapeutics of Bronchodilators
An important step in simplifying asthma and COPD management and improving adherence with prescribed therapy is to reduce the dose frequency to the minimum necessary to maintain disease control, so the incorporation of once-daily dose administration is an important strategy to improve adherence.
β2-agonist therapy in lung disease.
β2-Agonists are effective bronchodilators due primarily to their ability to relax airway smooth muscle (ASM), and some novel once-daily β2-agonists (olodaterol, vilanterol, abediterol) are under development, mainly in combination with an inhaled corticosteroid or a long-acting antimuscarinic agent.
β2‐adrenoceptor agonists: current and future direction
It is likely that the once‐daily dosing of a bronchodilator would be a significant convenience and probably a compliance‐enhancing advantage, leading to improved overall clinical outcomes.
Clinical Pharmacokinetics of Salmeterol
The available data clearly show that at the recommended doses of salmeterol, systemic concentrations are low or even undetectable, and it has been demonstrated that the systemic effects of sal meterol are more likely to occur with higher doses, which lead to approximately proportionally increased blood concentrations.