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Minimum time cornering: the effect of road surface and car transmission layout
This paper investigates the minimum time/limit handling car manoeuvring through nonlinear optimal control techniques. The resulting ‘optimal driver’ controls the car at its physical limits. The focusExpand
An advanced multibody code for handling and stability analysis of motorcycles
This work illustrates the modelling aspects of an advanced motorcycle multibody model which captures the most important features of the vehicle, including five different suspensions schemesExpand
Numerical and experimental investigation of passive rider effects on motorcycle weave
Despite the importance of rider passive response to the lateral dynamics of motorcycles, there is very little literature on the subject. Even more uncommon are works that consider rider passiveExpand
The effect of rider’s passive steering impedance on motorcycle stability: identification and analysis
This paper aims at studying the interaction of the rider’s arms and torso with the handlebar and the frame by identifying the rider's steering impedance and investigating the effect on straight-motion stability. Expand
Neuromuscular-Steering Dynamics: Motorcycle Riders vs. Car Drivers
The neuromuscular dynamics affect the response and stability of the driver-vehicle system. This paper addresses the most recent findings on driver steering neuromuscular properties, both forExpand
The effect of three-dimensionality on the aerodynamic admittance of thin sections in free stream turbulence
Abstract The unsteady behaviour of a thin plate section or aerofoil strip in a turbulent wind field is described by a two-wavenumber extension of the well known single wavenumber Sears function. TheExpand
Electric rear axle torque vectoring for combined yaw stability and velocity control near the limit of handling
A control architecture to stabilize a vehicle during cornering near the limit of lateral acceleration using the rear axle electric torque vectoring configuration of a hybrid vehicle is proposed. Expand
Optimal control of motorsport differentials
Modern motorsport limited slip differentials (LSD) have evolved to become highly adjustable, allowing the torque bias that they generate to be tuned in the corner entry, apex and corner exit phasesExpand
Development and validation of an advanced motorcycle riding simulator
This paper illustrates and discusses the main features of the motorcycle riding simulator designed and built at the University of Padua over recent years. The simulator has been developed for aExpand
Real-Time Roll Angle Estimation for Two-Wheeled Vehicles
An original method for the real-time estimation of the roll angle using low-cost sensors in two-wheeled vehicles is proposed. The roll angle greatly affects the dynamics of singletrack vehicles andExpand