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What counts? Volunteers and their organisations in the recording and monitoring of biodiversity
There is a pressing need for volunteer amateur naturalists to participate in data collection for biodiversity monitoring programmes in Europe. It is being addressed in some countries, but less so in
Meeting report
On the occasion of the end of the first operational year of field work of this project in East Africa, after completion of Phases I-III in West Africa, this meeting was convened by the Scientific,
The emergence of biodiversity conflicts from biodiversity impacts: characteristics and management strategies
Conflicts between the conservation of biodiversity and other human activities occur in all habitats and can impact severely upon socio-economic and biological parameters. In a changing environment,
Research, part of a Special Feature on Sustainability Impact Assessment of Forest Management Alternatives in Europe Public Preferences Across Europe for Different Forest Stand Types as Sites for
A Delphi survey involving experts in forest preference research was carried out to derive scores for the recreational value of 240 forest stand types across Europe. The survey was organized around
Theories and models of behaviour and behaviour change
Theories and models of behaviour and behaviour change are studied in the context of sport, where sport-goers’ attitudes and behaviours change with age, gender, and so on.
Recreationist behaviour in forests and the disturbance of wildlife
The authors draw on behaviour theory in an attempt to identify the key factors influencing human behaviour in the context of recreational disturbance to better integrate social science with ecological studies, and improve understanding and management of interactions between recreation needs and conservation.