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Unsupervised Disaggregation of Low Frequency Power Measurements
Fear of increasing prices and concern about climate change are motivating residential power conservation efforts. We investigate the effectiveness of several unsupervised disaggregation methods onExpand
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Renewable and cooling aware workload management for sustainable data centers
  • Zhenhua Liu, Y. Chen, +5 authors C. Hyser
  • Computer Science
  • 11 June 2012
Recently, the demand for data center computing has surged, increasing the total energy footprint of data centers worldwide. Data centers typically comprise three subsystems: IT equipment providesExpand
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Minimizing data center SLA violations and power consumption via hybrid resource provisioning
This paper presents a novel approach to correctly allocate resources in data centers, such that SLA violations and energy consumption are minimized. Our approach first analyzes historical workloadExpand
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Delivering Energy Proportionality with Non Energy-Proportional Systems - Optimizing the Ensemble
With power having become a critical issue in the operation of data centers today, there has been an increased push towards the vision of "energy-proportional computing", in which no power is used byExpand
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Towards an understanding of campus-scale power consumption
Commercial buildings are significant consumers of electricity. In this paper, we collect and analyze six weeks of data from 39 power meters in three buildings of a campus of a large company. We useExpand
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Optimal Fan Speed Control for Thermal Management of Servers
Improving the cooling efficiency of servers has become an essential requirement in data centers today as the power used to cool the servers has become an increasingly large component of the totalExpand
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Probabilistic performance modeling of virtualized resource allocation
Virtualization technologies enable organizations to dynamically flex their IT resources based on workload fluctuations and changing business needs. However, only through a formal understanding of theExpand
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TPC server fault tolerance using connection migration to a backup server
This paper describes the design, implementation, and performance evaluation of ST-TCP (Server fault-Tolerant TCP), which is an extension of TCP to tolerate TCP server failures. This is done by usingExpand
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A Temporal Motif Mining Approach to Unsupervised Energy Disaggregation: Applications to Residential and Commercial Buildings
Non-intrusive appliance load monitoring has emerged as an attractive approach to study energy consumption patterns without instrumenting every device in a building. The ensuing computational problemExpand
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Towards the design and operation of net-zero energy data centers
Reduction of resource consumption in data centers is becoming a growing concern for data center designers, operators and users. Accordingly, interest in the use of renewable energy to provide someExpand
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