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Wattch: a framework for architectural-level power analysis and optimizations
Power dissipation and thermal issues are increasingly significant in modern processors. As a result, it is crucial that power/performance tradeoffs be made more visible to chip architects and evenExpand
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Energy-efficient computing for wildlife tracking: design tradeoffs and early experiences with ZebraNet
Over the past decade, mobile computing and wireless communication have become increasingly important drivers of many new computing applications. The field of wireless sensor networks particularlyExpand
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Cache decay: exploiting generational behavior to reduce cache leakage power
Power dissipation is increasingly important in CPUs ranging from those intended for mobile use, all the way up to high-performance processors for high-end servers. While the bulk of the powerExpand
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Dynamic thermal management for high-performance microprocessors
  • D. Brooks, M. Martonosi
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings HPCA Seventh International Symposium…
  • 20 January 2001
With the increasing clock rate and transistor count of today's microprocessors, power dissipation is becoming a critical component of system design complexity. Thermal and power-delivery issues areExpand
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Data compression algorithms for energy-constrained devices in delay tolerant networks
Sensor networks are fundamentally constrained by the difficulty and energy expense of delivering information from sensors to sink. Our work has focused on garnering additional significant energyExpand
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An Analysis of Efficient Multi-Core Global Power Management Policies: Maximizing Performance for a Given Power Budget
Chip-level power and thermal implications will continue to rule as one of the primary design constraints and performance limiters. The gap between average and peak power actually widens withExpand
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Hardware design experiences in ZebraNet
The enormous potential for wireless sensor networks to make a positive impact on our society has spawned a great deal of research on the topic, and this research is now producing environment-readyExpand
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Runtime power monitoring in high-end processors: methodology and empirical data
  • C. Isci, M. Martonosi
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings. 36th Annual IEEE/ACM International…
  • 3 December 2003
With power dissipation becoming an increasingly vexing problem across many classes of computer systems, measuring power dissipation of real, running systems has become crucial for hardware andExpand
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Erasure-coding based routing for opportunistic networks
Routing in Delay Tolerant Networks (DTN) with unpredictable node mobility is a challenging problem because disconnections are prevalent and lack of knowledge about network dynamics hinders goodExpand
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SHiP: Signature-based Hit Predictor for high performance caching
The shared last-level caches in CMPs play an important role in improving application performance and reducing off-chip memory bandwidth requirements. In order to use LLCs more efficiently, recentExpand
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