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Newborn hearing screening project using transient evoked otoacoustic emissions: Western Sicily experience.
OBJECTIVE To study the incidence of congenital sensorineural hearing loss in all newborns introducing a screen test with a protocol no expensive, with a good "screen sensitivity" that could let anExpand
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Treatment and Destruction of Inorganic Fibers Wastes Like Asbestos by Sodium Polyphosphate
The removal and destruction of ceramic fibers wastes are presently an important problem for the society health. Among these, the asbestos, which are silicates, is the more dangerous. Usually theirExpand
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Preparation of zinc sodium polyphosphates glasses from coacervates precursors. Characterisation of the obtained glasses, and their applications
Abstract A soft chemistry route is described to obtain glasses in the P 2 O 5 –Na 2 O–ZnO–H 2 O. It is based on the addition of zinc salts to coacervates prepared from sodium polyphosphate. TheExpand
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The use of phosphate glasses based on the system iron sodium for the treatment of inorganic waste has been soon proposed. The coacervation of polyphosphates permits to formulate glass precursor inExpand
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Design of Gaussian basis sets to the theoretical interpretation of IR-spectrum of hexaaquachromium (III) ion, tetraoxochromium (IV) ion, and tetraoxochromium (VI) ion
Fed Univ Para, Ctr Ciencias Exatas & Nat, Dept Quim, Lab Quim Teor & Computac, BR-66075110 Belem, Para, Brazil
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Ab initio study of high tridymite by the formalism generator coordinate Hartree–Fock
Abstract The Generator Coordinate Hartree–Fock (GCHF) Method is applied to generate extended 14s 8p and 17s 11p Gaussian basis sets for the atoms O and Si, respectively. The role of the weightExpand
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Security and safety assessment for cultural heritage: enhancing security profiles by wireless video-surveillance
This paper describes how museums, monuments, picture galleries and works of art represent major assets that need security and safety measures against both anthropic (thefts, vandalism, terrorism) andExpand
Top-reservoir geometry and fault pattern in the Eldfisk Field, Central North Sea
Success of chalk fields in the North Sea depends on an open fracture network to increase effective permeability. The presence and distribution of fractures are largely connected to tectonic andExpand