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Environmental monitoring in Baden-Württemberg with special reference to biocoenotic trend-monitoring of macrozoobenthos in rivers and methodical requirements for evaluation of long-term biocoenotic
The more recent samples of the macrobenthic fauna of the River Rhine indicate an improved quality and diversity because of improved water quality, and invasion of neozoans is still high, too. Expand
The temperature dependence of embryonic and larval development in Protonemura intricata (Plecoptera: Nemouridae)
Avoidance of the suboptimal summer conditions in streams by the cold stenothermous P. intricata is suggested to partly explain the success of the species, which contributes more to total emergence biomass than do other Plecoptera in the Breitenbach. Expand
The particle odyssey : a journey to the heart of the matter
1. The world of particle physics 2. Voyage into the atom 3. The structure of the atom 4. The extraterrestrials 5. The cosmic rain 6. The challenge of the big machines 7. The particle explosion 8.Expand
A new thermostat-controlled water-bath which provides eight constant temperatures for the price of one
  • M. Marten
  • Environmental Science
  • Hydrobiologia
  • 1 April 1990
A water-bath-system which simultaneously provides eight different temperatures for rearing aquatic organisms is presented. Temperatures ranged from 4 to 18 °C, at 2 ± 0.3 °C intervals. It has anExpand
Preequilibrium neutron emission in109Ag(3He,xn) and111Cd(p, xn) reactions
Excitation functions of the reactions109Ag(3He,xn) and111Cd(p, xn) have been measured with stacked foil techniques for projectile energies E≦45 MeV and multiplicitiesx≦4 populating ground and spinExpand
Ichthyofauna in the upper Rhine River close to the city of Karlsruhe as determined by the analysis of fish impingement by cooling-water intakes of a power plant
Overall a positive development of the fish fauna in the upper Rhine over the last 15 years could be observed in terms of fish populations as well as in Terms of species richness. Expand
Interspecific variation in temperature dependence of egg development of five congeneric stonefly species (Protonemura Kempny, 1898, Nemouridae, Plecoptera)
A new index (Integral Development Time, IDT) indicating the thermal demand was created for easier comparison of numerous species of Plecoptera suggests that species belonging to the family group Systellognatha generally have higher thermal requirements in the egg stage than species belong to the Euholognatha. Expand
The particle explosion
This guide takes the reader on an illustrated journey into the sub-atomic world discovered by physicists over the past century. The authors describe the fundamental discoveries and the developmentsExpand