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Comparison of three anacardiaceae gum exudates
The gum exudates from Anacardium occidentale, Spondias purpurea and Spondias mombin are very soluble in water. Analytical data for a Venezuelan gum sample of A. occidentale showed that the intrinsicExpand
Structural investigation of the polysaccharide of Spondias mombin gum.
The polysaccharide, isolated from Spondias mombin gum exudate, was subjected to acid hydrolysis and Smith degradation processes in order to investigate its relevant structural features. Chemical andExpand
Evaluación del rendimiento y caracterización fisicoquímica de los exudados gomosos de especies diseminadas en el estado Zulia, Venezuela
La caracterizacion analitica de los exudados gomosos es muy importante, debido a que estos polimeros tienen muchas aplicaciones industriales. Estos hidrocoloides, heteropolisacaridos acidos, sonExpand
Structural features of the polysaccharide gum from Acacia glomerosa
Abstract Acacia glomerosa , Benth. (Vulgares Series) exudates a clear gum which produces gels easily. The physico-chemical data and sugar composition are very close to gum arabic from Acacia senegalExpand
Gum polysaccharides of nine specimens of Laguncularia racemosa
Gum exudates from nine specimens of Laguncularia racemosa (Combretaceae) from Venezuela were examined. The constituent sugars found were galactose, arabinose, rhamnose, galacturonic acid, glucuronicExpand
The composition of two Spondias gum exudates
The polysaccharides isolated from Spondias purpureavar. lutea and Spondias cythereacontain galactose, as main component, arabinose, mannose, xylose and rhamnose residues. On the other hand,Expand
Comparison of two Pithecellobium gum exudates
Abstract Pithecellobium saman and Pithecellobium mangense exudate a yellow clear gum. The gums are both dextrorotatory. The acidity of these gums is very similar. Galactose and arabinose are theExpand
Characterization of polysaccharides isolated from gums of two venezuelan specimens of Albizia niopoides var. colombiana
The genus Albizia durazzini comprises 150 species; some of these species are disseminated in Venezuela. Albizia niopoides var. colombiana exudes a clear gum, very soluble in cold water at roomExpand
New structural features of Acacia tortuosa gum exudate.
Acacia tortuosa produces a clear gum, very soluble in water. Previous reports showed that it was constituted by four fractions, one of them an arabinogalactan-protein complex. The elucidation of theExpand