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The development of private fresh produce safety standards: implications for developing Mediterranean exporting countries
Integration into global markets offers the potential for more rapid growth and poverty reduction for poorer countries. However, market barriers within advanced economies to agricultural imports haveExpand
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Unicystic ameloblastoma: a prognostically distinct entity.
The occurrence of unicystic ameloblastoma has been studied in 20 patients presenting with unilocular cystic lesions whose clinical, radiographic and gross features were those on non-neoplastic cysts.Expand
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Necrotizing sialometaplasia. A review of the literature and report of two additional cases.
Necrotizing sialometaplasia is a nonneoplastic, inflammatory, variably ulcerated, occasionally bilateral, self-healing lesion of human salivary glands which is often confused clinically andExpand
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Fibrous histiocytomas of the oral mucosa.
The oral lesions reported in this article fall into the first category of benign fibrous histiocytomas analogous to those which occur on sun-exposed skin surfaces of young objects. The ages of theExpand
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Primary care and health: a cross-national comparison.
To the Editor. —In a recent issue of JAMA , Starfield 1 concludes that the development of a nation's primary care sector is related to the health of its population. Her analysis compares sevenExpand
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Presence of HBV-DNA in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from anti-HIV symptomless carriers.
The presence of hepatitis B virus DNA (HBV-DNA) in the peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) of 29 anti-HIV symptomless carriers (eleven HBeAg positive, eleven anti-HBe positive and seven HBsAgExpand
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Cellular morphology and relationships in giant-cell lesions of the jaws.
Abstract The morphologic features of the stromal cells and giant cells in giant-cell tumors and granulomas of the jaws were studied by means of light microscopy. Their prominent large nucleoli,Expand
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Comment on reactive hyperplasia of bone.
Abstract Some lesions similar to those reported by Jacobsson and associates in the foregoing article are described.
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Blue nevus of the oral cavity. An electron microscopic study.
Abstract The present report deals with the fine structure of a blue nevus of the oral cavity. The ultrastructure of the melanocyte in this lesion is described, and the presence of some hithertoExpand
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