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Spacecraft Electric Propulsion—An Overview
A short review of the status of electric propulsion (EP) is presented to serve as an introduction to the more specialized technical papers also appearing in this Special Issue (Journal of PropulsionExpand
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Ionic liquid ion sources: characterization of externally wetted emitters.
The feasibility of electrostatically extracting and accelerating ions from room temperature ionic liquids in a high vacuum environment is investigated using externally wetted emitters similar toExpand
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Bare wire anodes for electrodynamic tethers
The collection of electrons from the ionosphere is the major problem facing high-power electrodynamic tethers. This article discusses a simple electron-collection concept which is free of most ofExpand
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A numerical study of low-frequency discharge oscillations in Hall thrusters
A two-dimensional numerical model has been constructed for use in modeling Hall thruster plasma dynamics. An important feature is a detailed electron-insulator interaction model which has yieldedExpand
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Ionic liquid ion sources: suppression of electrochemical reactions using voltage alternation.
The problem of electrochemical decomposition due to extraction of single polarity ions from a novel ionic liquid ion source (ILIS) is solved by periodically alternating the voltage source so that theExpand
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A two-dimensional hybrid model of the Hall thruster discharge
Particle-in-cell methods are used for ions and neutrals. Probabilistic methods are implemented for ionization, charge-exchange collisions, gas injection, and particle-wall interaction. A diffusiveExpand
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Diverging Cusped-Field Hall Thruster ( DCHT ) IEPC-2007-39
An experimental cusped field Hall thruster has been developed as a test bed for exploring its viability as an alternative to more traditional magnetic arrangements in Hall thrusters. Design detailsExpand
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A Planar Array of Micro-Fabricated Electrospray Emitters for Thruster Applications
This paper reports the design, fabrication, and experimental characterization of a planar array of micro-fabricated electrospray emitters intended for space propulsion applications inExpand
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Effects of the radial plasma-wall interaction on the Hall thruster discharge
The interaction of the plasma discharge with the ceramic walls of a Hall thruster leads to plasma recombination, energy losses, and extra electron collisionality. These three phenomena are includedExpand
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Electrodynamic Tether Applications and Constraints
Propulsion and power generation by bare electrodynamic tethers are revisited in a unified way and issues and constraints are addressed. In comparing electrodynamic tethers, which do not useExpand
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