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The Problem of Realism
A naturalistic defence of realism, Michael Devitt metaphysical and scientific realism, Evandro Agazzi realism, method and truth, Howard Sankey the real distinction between persons and their bodies,Expand
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On the Ontology/Epistemology Distinction
There are good reasons for thinking that any sharp division between ontology and epistemology is untenable, because ontology is characterized by the fact that objects are standardly seen by us inExpand
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Is philosophy of language really important for the foundation of scientific realism
Afin de comprendre l'influence de Quine sur l'anti-realisme de la philosophie de la science contemporaine, une exploration des racines philosophiques de sa pensee se revele necessaire, i.e. de sonExpand
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Pragmatism and Science
Logical empiricism gave rise to a powerful paradigm and it took some decades to overthrow it, even though it should be judged respectfully since, after all, philosophy of science and logic as we knowExpand
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National identity and global culture
It is often said today that the agreement on the possibility of greater mutual understanding among human beings has failed. Would have led to the resurgence of long-suppressed hatreds, hatreds thatExpand
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Quine on the Dogmas of Empiricism
In his works the American philosopher Willard van Quine constantly rejects the analytic/synthetic distinction claiming that it is not justified. This happens because, in his opinion, human statementsExpand
Realism: Philosophical and Scientific
What kind of realism - if any - are we allowed to endorse? It is often stated that, in order to provide realism with a solid foundation, we need having recourse to a reality that is totallyExpand
Logic and its Pragmatic Aspects
A pragmatist conception of logic rejects any kind of logical constructionism, based on the appeal to privileged ontological and epistemological items and to a perfect language supposedly provided byExpand