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Effects of permanent magnets on resting skin blood perfusion in healthy persons assessed by laser Doppler flowmetry and imaging.
Effects on skin blood perfusion of permanent ceramic magnets [0.1 T (1000 G) surface field], individually (disk shaped, 4 cm diameter x 1 cm thick) or in the form of a 11 x 7 in pad ( approximatelyExpand
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1. The effect of environmental temperature on the indirect measurement of rat blood pressure and heart rate was investigated with special reference to the tail arterial blood flow in both strains ofExpand
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Ascites and Kidney Transplantation: Case Report and Critical Appraisal of the Literature
Ascites is an ominous finding after kidney transplantation. It occurs either as a result of technical complication of the transplant procedure or from medical reasons that include portalExpand
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A biologically highly deviating strain of red clover vein mosaic virus, usually latent in pea (Pisum sativum), and its differentiation from pea streak virus
From pea plants (Pisum sativum) with necrotic stem streaking a virus (E207) was isolated and readily transmitted by sap to all 30 pea cultivars tested. In most of these infection was latent.TrijoliumExpand
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[A neuropharmacological study of isoteolin (IST)].
Neuropharmacological study of IST was carried out on mice and rats, using the so-called practically "blind" neuropharmacological screening of M. Nikolova and L. Daleva (1968). The investigatedExpand
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Successful percutaneous closure of multiple coronary artery fistulas with coils embolization in two adults.
Fistulas between coronary arteries and cardiac cavities or other vascular structures are uncommon findings usually detected early in life. We describe two cases of late transcatheter occlusion of aExpand
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Low frequency therapeutic EMF differently influences experimental muscle pain in female and male subjects.
Effects of a pulsating, half sine wave magnetic field (MF) with a frequency of 100 pps and 15 mT rms flux density, generated by the MD TEMF device (EMF Therapeutics, Inc., Chattanooga), on subjectiveExpand
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Travel: a unique risk factor for acute hepatitis C virus.
To the Editor, We read Grand Rounds in Gastroenterology, which was published in your February issue, with interest[1] and want to report a case of acute hepatitis C in a US resident who returnedExpand
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Synthesis, toxicological and pharmacological assessment of 7-substituted derivatives of 1,3-dimethylxanthine
Abstract The synthesis of two 7-substituted theophylline derivatives from the theophylline sodium salt, dichloroalkane and N -methyl- N -cyclohexylamine is reported. The structures of the synthesizedExpand
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