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Erratum: "Chandra Sample of Nearby Relaxed Galaxy Clusters: Mass, Gas Fraction, and Mass-Temperature Relation"
We present gas and total mass profiles for 13 low-redshift, relaxed clusters spanning a temperature range 0.7-9 keV, derived from all available Chandra data of sufficient quality. In all clusters,
The LX-T Relation and Temperature Function for Nearby Clusters Revisited
The X-ray luminosity-temperature relation for nearby T 3.5-10 keV clusters is rederived using new ASCA temperatures and ROSAT luminosities. Both quantities are derived by directly excluding the
The Temperature Structure of 26 Nearby Clusters Observed with ASCA. Similarity of Temperature Profiles
We present an analysis of ASCA spatially resolved spectroscopic data for a nearly complete sample of bright clusters with redshifts between 0.04 and 0.09. Together with several clusters analyzed
A Direct Empirical Proof of the Existence of Dark Matter
We present new weak lensing observations of 1E0657-558 (z = 0.296), a unique cluster merger, that enable a direct detection of dark matter, independent of assumptions regarding the nature of the
Absolute Measurement of the Unresolved Cosmic X-Ray Background in the 0.5-8 keV Band with Chandra
We present the absolute measurement of the unresolved 0.5-8 keV cosmic X-ray background (CXB) in the Chandra Deep Fields (CDFs) North and South, the longest observations with Chandra (2 and 1 Ms,
Detection of an unidentified emission line in the stacked X-ray spectrum of galaxy clusters
We detect a weak unidentified emission line at E = (3.55-3.57) ± 0.03 keV in a stacked XMM-Newton spectrum of 73 galaxy clusters spanning a redshift range 0.01-0.35. When the full sample is divided
Chandra Temperature Profiles for a Sample of Nearby Relaxed Galaxy Clusters
We present Chandra gas temperature profiles at large radii for a sample of 13 nearby, relaxed galaxy clusters and groups, which includes A133, A262, A383, A478, A907, A1413, A1795, A1991, A2029,
A Textbook Example of a Bow Shock in the Merging Galaxy Cluster 1E0657-56
In the representative embodiments of the new and improved methods and apparatus disclosed herein for controlling multicharge perforating guns or core-sampling guns, the gun-control system of the
A Moving Cold Front in the Intergalactic Medium of A3667
We present results from a Chandra observation of the central region of the galaxy cluster A3667 with emphasis on the prominent sharp X-ray brightness edge spanning 0.5 Mpc near the cluster core. Our