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Particle spin dynamics as the grassmann variant of classical mechanics
Abstract A generalization of classical mechanics is presented. The dynamical variables (functions on the phase space) are assumed to be elements of an algebra with anticommuting generators (theExpand
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Electron‐Positron Pair Creation from Vacuum Induced by Variable Electric Field
Problem is considered of spontaneous creation of electron-positron paris from the vacuum induced by external electric field, that is homogeneous and depends on time in an arbitrary way. TheExpand
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Critical electron state in heavy-ion collisions
Abstract The results of a calculation of the electron wave function for the critical state ( ϵ = − m e c 2 ) and of some related quantities are presented. The effect of the finite nuclear size on theExpand
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Invariant volumes of compact groups
Invariant volumes are calculated for all compact simple Lie groups. The measure is defined by means of the Riemannian metric, induced in the group by the Killing form, so the total normalisation isExpand
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A modification of the Bohr-Sommerfeld quantization condition
The Bohr-Sommerfeld quasiclassical quantization condition for a central potential is modified in such a way that the constant gamma becomes dependent on the angular momentum l and on the potentialExpand
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Abstract A method to construct phenomenological amplitudes for arbitrary interactions of particles with any spin is presented. The relativistic particle wavefunctions are taken in the 2 × (2s +Expand
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Dynamics on the Group Manifold and Path Integral
Classical and quantal dynamics on the compact simple Lie group and on a sphere of arbitrary dimensionality are considered. The accuracy of the semiclassical approximation for Green's functions isExpand
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Interactions of high-energy particles with deuterons.
The purpose of the review is to compare the existing experimental data on total cross sections and also the differential cross sections for elastic and inelastic scattering of fast particles byExpand
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