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The Topological Vertex
We construct a cubic field theory which provides all genus amplitudes of the topological A-model for all non-compact toric Calabi-Yau threefolds. The topology of a given Feynman diagram encodes the
ABJM theory as a Fermi gas
The partition function on the three-sphere of many supersymmetric Chern-Simons-matter theories reduces, by localization, to a matrix model. We develop a new method to study these models in the
From Weak to Strong Coupling in ABJM Theory
The partition function of $${\mathcal{N}=6}$$ supersymmetric Chern–Simons-matter theory (known as ABJM theory) on $${\mathbb{S}^3}$$ , as well as certain Wilson loop observables, are captured by a
Topological Strings and Integrable Hierarchies
We consider the topological B-model on local Calabi-Yau geometries. We show how one can solve for the amplitudes by using -algebra symmetries which encode the symmetries of holomorphic
Matrix model as a mirror of Chern-Simons theory
Using mirror symmetry, we show that Chern-Simons theory on certain manifolds such as lens spaces reduces to a novel class of hermitean matrix models, where the measure is that of unitary matrix
Nonlinear instantons from supersymmetric p-branes
Supersymmetric configurations of type II D-branes with nonzero gauge field strengths in general supersymmetric backgrounds with nonzero B fields are analyzed using the kappa-symmetric worldvolume
Remarks on Tachyon Condensation in Superstring Field Theory
We generalize recent results on tachyon condensation in boundary string field theory to the superstring.
Remodeling the B-Model
We propose a complete, new formalism to compute unambiguously B-model open and closed amplitudes in local Calabi–Yau geometries, including the mirrors of toric manifolds. The formalism is based on
Some exact results on tachyon condensation in string field theory
The study of open string tachyon condensation in string field theory can be drastically simplified by making an appropriate choice of coordinates on the space of string fields. We show that a very
Framed knots at large N
We study the framing dependence of the Wilson loop observable of U(N) ChernSimons gauge theory at large N. Using proposed geometrical large N dual, this leads to a direct computation of certain