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Mammary gland development of dairy heifers fed diets containing increasing levels of metabolisable protein: metabolisable energy
This study was conducted to evaluate the development of the mammary gland in Holstein heifers subjected to different dietary metabolisable protein (MP): metabolisable energy (ME) ratios. Twenty-fiveExpand
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Effect of Pre-weaning Diet on the Ruminal Archaeal, Bacterial, and Fungal Communities of Dairy Calves
At birth, calves display an underdeveloped rumen that eventually matures into a fully functional rumen as a result of solid food intake and microbial activity. However, little is known regarding theExpand
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Bacterial Community Dynamics across the Gastrointestinal Tracts of Dairy Calves during Preweaning Development
ABSTRACT Microbial communities play critical roles in the gastrointestinal tracts (GIT) of preruminant calves by influencing performance and health. However, little is known about the establishmentExpand
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Prediction of physical and chemical body compositions of purebred and crossbred Nellore cattle using the composition of a rib section.
The goal of this research was to develop empirical equations to predict chemical and physical compositions of the carcass and the body using the composition of the 9th- to 11th-rib sectionExpand
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Soybean meal replaced by slow release urea in finishing diets for beef cattle
Abstract Eight crossbred steers (average body weight of 418 kg) fitted with ruminal and abomasal cannula were used to evaluate the effects of replacing soybean meal (SBM) with slow-release urea (SRU)Expand
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Projections for beef cattle production in Brazil for the next 10 years forecast an annual increase of about 3.5%. For the same period, a 2.22% growth in the domestic intake of beef cattle and anExpand
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An evaluation of the face mask system based on short-term measurements compared with the sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) tracer, and respiration chamber techniques for measuring CH4 emissions
Abstract The objective of the present study was to compare the short term measurement (30 min/day for 3 days) face mask system (FM), with SF 6 tracer and respiration chamber (RC) techniques forExpand
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Predicting efficiency of use of metabolizable energy to net energy for gain and maintenance of Nellore cattle.
Twenty-six comparative slaughter studies were used (n = 752 animals) and coded within each experiment by gender (431 bulls, 204 steers, and 117 heifers) and breed (447 Nellore and 305 Bos indicus andExpand
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Partial Replacement of Ground Corn with Glycerol in Beef Cattle Diets: Intake, Digestibility, Performance, and Carcass Characteristics
The objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of replacing dry ground corn with crude glycerol on intake, apparent digestibility, performance, and carcass characteristics of finishing beefExpand
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