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In vitro propagation, micromorphological studies and ex vitro rooting of cannon ball tree (Couroupita guianensis aubl.): a multipurpose threatened species
In vitro propagation methods using seeds and nodal segments of a 21-year old Couroupita guianensis - a medicinally important but threatened tree have been developed. Hundred percent of the seedsExpand
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In vitro regeneration of shoots and ex vitro rooting of an important medicinal plant Passiflora foetida L. through nodal segment cultures
Methods were developed in the present investigation for cloning and large scale plant production of Passiflora foetida L. germplasm selected from the East-Coast region of South India. Nodal shootExpand
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Biogenesis of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles using Couroupita guianensis Aubl. Extracts - A Green Approach
Zinc oxide nanoparticles (ZnO NPs) were synthesized by the green synthesis methods using aqueous extracts of Couroupita guianensis Aubl. This is an eco-friendly, time conservative and cost effectiveExpand
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Impact of Auxins on Vegetative Propagation through Stem Cuttings of Couroupita guianensis Aubl.: A Conservation Approach
The present study explores the potential of exogenous auxins in the development of adventitious shoots and roots from shoot cuttings of Couroupita guianensis (Nagalingam), a threatened tree.Expand
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Efficient In Vitro Propagation by Ex Vitro Rooting Methods of Artemisia absinthium L., an Ethnobotanically Important Plant
Artemisia absinthium is an important medicinal plant. Owing to the increasing anthropogenic activities and demand from the pharmaceutical industry, this plant species is overexploited; thereby thisExpand
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Enhanced production of anthraquinones and phenolic compounds using chitosan from the adventitious roots of Morinda coreia Buck. and Ham.
Abstract This report establishes the production and characterization of anthraquinones and phenolic compounds from the adventitious root cultures of Morinda coreia, induced from the leaves on halfExpand
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Direct organogenesis for mass propagation of Peperomia pellucida L. an epiphytic medicinal herb
The direct organogenesis from nodal meristems of Peperomia pellucida L. was reported in this study. The explants were sterilized using 0.1% mercuric chloride. Since, the plant tissues are very softExpand
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In vitro regeneration frequency, micro-morphological studies and ex vitro rooting of Hemidesmus indicus (L.) R. Br.: a multi-potent endangered climber
Hemidesmus indicus is an endangered medicinal plant of Peninsular India. A rapid micropropagation method using nodal segments of a 4 year old plant has been achieved in the present study. The nodalExpand
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In vitro propagation of traditional medicinal and dye yielding plant Morinda coreia Buch.–Ham
Abstract An efficient micropropagation protocol has been developed successfully for Morinda coreia Buch.–Ham. by culturing nodal segments. The explants were washed, sterilized with HgCl2 andExpand
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