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A mechanism for sustained groundwater pressure changes induced by distant earthquakes
[1] Large, sustained well water level changes (>10 cm) in response to distant (more than hundreds of kilometers) earthquakes have proven enigmatic for over 30 years. Here we use high sampling ratesExpand
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Bubble suspension rheology and implications for conduit flow
Bubbles are ubiquitous in magma during eruption and influence the rheology of the suspension. Despite this, bubble-suspension rheology is routinely ignored in conduit-flow and eruption models,Expand
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Permeability‐porosity relationship in vesicular basalts
The permeability k and porosity of vesicular basalts are measured. The relationship between k and re- flects the formation and emplacement of the basalts and can be related to the crystal and vesicleExpand
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Explosive volcanism may not be an inevitable consequence of magma fragmentation
The fragmentation of magma, containing abundant gas bubbles, is thought to be the defining characteristic of explosive eruptions. When viscous stresses associated with the growth of bubbles and theExpand
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Effects of bubble deformation on the viscosity of dilute suspensions
The relative viscosity (µrel = suspension viscosity/suspending fluid viscosity) of low Reynolds number, dilute and surfactant-free bubble suspensions in simple shear is studied with a rotatingExpand
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Numerical models of the onset of yield strength in crystal–melt suspensions
The formation of a continuous crystal network in magmas and lavas can provide finite yield strength, dy, and can thus cause a change from Newtonian to Bingham rheology. The rheology of crystal^meltExpand
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Rapid decrease in Martian crustal magnetization in the Noachian era: Implications for the dynamo and climate of early Mars
[1] The magnetic signatures and crater retention ages of the 19 largest (>1000 km diameter) impact basins on Mars are examined to constrain the history of the acquisition of crustal magnetizationExpand
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Changes in permeability caused by transient stresses: Field observations, experiments, and mechanisms
CHANGES IN PERMEABILITY CAUSED BY TRANSIENT STRESSES: FIELD OBSERVATIONS, EXPERIMENTS, AND MECHANISMS Michael Manga, 1 Igor Beresnev, 2 Emily E. Brodsky, 3 Jean E. Elkhoury, 4 Derek Elsworth, 5 S. E.Expand
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Did melting glaciers cause volcanic eruptions in eastern California? Probing the mechanics of dike formation
[1] A comparison of time series of basaltic and silicic eruptions in eastern California over the last 400 kyr with the contemporaneous global record of glaciation suggests that this volcanism isExpand
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Bubble shapes and orientations in low Re simple shear flow.
  • A. C. Rust, M. Manga
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Journal of colloid and interface science
  • 15 May 2002
We present measurements of shape and orientation of air bubbles in a viscous Newtonian fluid deformed by simple shear. The apparatus is a variation of the "parallel band" device developed by G. I.Expand
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