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Psychobiological responses to unpleasant emotions in cannabis users
Aim of this paper is to investigate the psychobiological reactions to experimentally induced negative emotional states in active marijuana-dependent smokers and whether changes in emotionalExpand
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Gender differences in mortality
This highly original book -- the first in a series analyzing historical population behavior in Europe and Asia -- pioneers a new approach to the comparative analysis of societies in the past. UsingExpand
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Birth Seasonality in Present-Day Italy, 1993–2005
Over the last century, Italy has undergone a dramatic change in its demographic regime. The high-pressure demographic system of the beginning of the twentieth century high fertility, high mortalityExpand
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Perceived parenting behavior in the childhood of cocaine users: Relationship with genotype and personality traits
Low parental care during childhood, a pattern characteristic of an “affectionless control” rearing style was frequently reported in the history of addicted individuals. Parents' childrearing regimesExpand
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Human Kappa opioid receptor gene (OPRK1) polymorphism is associated with opiate addiction
Variants of the opioid receptors are the obvious candidates underlying addiction. The kappa opioid receptor (KOR) system seems to play a role in stress responsivity, opiate withdrawal and responsesExpand
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CLINICAL STUDY: Adrenocorticotropic hormone and cortisol plasma levels directly correlate with childhood neglect and depression measures in addicted patients
Hypothalamic–pituitary–adrenal (HPA) axis dysfunction has been reported to be involved in vulnerability to alcohol and drug dependence in humans, possibly underlying both addictive behaviour andExpand
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Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), genetic polymorphisms and neurochemical correlates in experimentation with psychotropic drugs among adolescents
Epidemiological and clinical data show frequent associations between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and substance abuse susceptibility particularly in adolescents. A large body of evidencesExpand
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Families in motion: the role and characteristics of household migration in a 19th-century rural Italian parish
The reconstruction of household and individual life histories has made it possible to determine the intensity and role of migratory dynamics in the demographic system of Casalguidi, a rural communityExpand
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“The shock of widowhood”? Evidence from an Italian population (Parma, 1989–2000)
The purpose of our study is to assess the influence of socio-demographic factors on overall and cause-specific mortality of elderly people of Parma aged 65. In particular, the paper aims at exploringExpand
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